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Internet Addiction: How Does It Affect Your Mind And Body?


5. Chances to develop neurodegenerative disorders:

Nowadays we rely too much on the internet for outside knowledge and unknown information. This reduces the scope to read books and applies our cognitive skills and abilities.

As a result, our brain loses its function to calculate, memorize and problem-solving gets poor, thus leading to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, delirium and dementia.

6. Increase or decrease in body weight.

Using the internet often leads to skipping meals. This affects your health tremendously. Your weight decreases or increases massively and you cannot control it.

7. Inability to maintain personal hygiene

Internet addiction affects your health as you fail to maintain personal hygiene such as taking bath, self- care, being unable to refrain yourself from your screen of phone or laptop.

How can you control ‘INTERNET ADDICTION’?

The problem of internet addiction is soaring high among all age groups of people.

If not controlled, it can inflict huge losses both to humanity and society. Here are a few steps you can take from getting addicted to the internet:

1. Control your impulse of checking your phone frequently

Restrict your impulses by spending quality time with yourself. Reading books, writing poems, self- thoughts or sometimes walking alone can prove effective. It will unlock your mind and will enable you to gain power over your cognitive abilities.

2.Break the shield of isolation

Cut the chord with the ‘virtual world’ by socializing with your close friends and people. Try to seek happiness from real surroundings, social events by establishing real-life human connections. This will make you feel less isolated and lonely.

3. Engage in physical workout and exercise

Instead of sitting in front of the bright screen work out physically. Perspiration and adequate ‘adrenaline rush’ will reduce stress and relax your body. You will discover yourself getting into early night sleep.

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4. Courage to accept yourself

You need to have the courage to accept that you are suffering from internet addiction. If you don’t have the urge to control yourself from using internet then every attempt stands futile.

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