Shovona Moulik

I have done my Masters in Clinical Psychology, and I'm interested in digging deeper into mental health issues, counselling, therapeutic techniques, psychological issues of everyday life.

Shackles of Love

When you yearn to get freed from the shackles of love.

Internet Addiction: How Does It Affect Your Mind And Body?

Though the internet has become an important tool in the modern world, research suggests that internet addiction is a very serious issue with harmful consequences.

5 Causes of Stress Among Adolescents and Ways To Overcome Them

Stress among adolescents is soaring high nowadays, giving way to childhood depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and cyber- crime.

Decoding The Relationship Between ADHD and ASD

Are you worried about your child’s hyperactive/ impulsive behaviour? Is your child’s resistance to speak, bothering you? You might not know that these are the signs and symptoms of early developmental disorders.

The Game Of Silence

She chose silence over people's fake affection to heal from pain.