I Want a Guy Who Totally Gives A Shit About Me

I Want a Guy Who Totally Gives A Shit About Me


Of course, it won’t be perfect. No relationship can be perfect. We’ll have fights and arguments because, in the end, we are only human.

But when we do fight, I can rest assured that he won’t leave me and I won’t leave him. We might give each other some space to calm down, but soon enough we’ll be back in each other’s arms. He will also never think that I’ll just get over some issue. He’ll actively try to make me feel good again. He doesn’t wish to be the cause of my pain because he truly cares about how I feel.


When I see him, I’ll be able to see our whole life together. Every day that I am with him, I can feel myself becoming a better person.

I know that I feel that way because I want to be good enough to keep him happy every single day of his life. He knows that I have been hurt multiple times, and chances are, he has also been through heartbreak at some point or the other. We both respect each other’s needs and do our best to put the other person first, over and above our own desires.


We will be able to do all this because, with regard to relationships, neither of us is going to settle for less than this. We will stay together because we truly love and care about each other. Together, we will climb new heights every day.

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