The Power of Saying ‘I Find You Beautiful.’

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 April 25, 2019

The Power of Saying ‘I Find You Beautiful.’

It is as though you can watch a bit of each one of their life stories flash in their eyes as the word sinks in.

Disbelief, gratitude, self-doubt, confidence, anger, and elation.

There is nothing superficial about telling another human being that you find them beautiful.

In my opinion, if you are romantically involved with a person who cannot, will not or does not tell you that you are beautiful, you may want to take an inventory of the other ways in which you are being treated as less than the beautiful creature you are — either by them, or by yourself.

But first, I dare you to watch this video and not find yourself smiling brighter than you have all day.

I feel quite sure that as you do, you are beautiful.

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Written by Arianna Jeret
Originally appeared in The Goodmen Project


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The Power of Saying ‘I Find You Beautiful.’