5 Reasons Human Touch Is Essential For You

Reasons Human Touch Essential For You

The sensation of touch is one of the most crucial senses of the human body that is extremely essential for maintaining a connection with one another. Here’re five reasons why human touch is essential for you.

In the modern age of technology, although life has become much easier, yet, somehow the increasing levels of acute time crises owing to work deadlines and stress are gradually widening the gap between two people due to some professional or personal issues. This is not at all desirable because physical touch is necessary to stay happy and healthy.

In fact, in order to compensate for the same, advanced technology is known as ‘haptic’ feedback conversation is slowly developing that will enable two persons sitting at different locations to communicate touching sensations between each other with the help of an ear device by mimicking skin sensations.

This, however, is still in its nascent stage but it is quite evident that physical touch is indeed indispensable in human lives.

The following are the major benefits of human touch:

1. Human touch is a way of interconnecting with each other by sharing something in common. This may be any kind of joke, white lies, innuendo or some dual meaning words that may include patting on the shoulder or arm or going for a hi-five between friends, relatives or beloved ones. Every such action signifies sharing something and in a way, this sharing through touch brings people closer to each other. This is one of the main reasons why everyday touch is extremely vital to strengthen the bond between two people.

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2. If two people are attracted to each other, then both are bound to get ‘in touch’ with each other and this means literally coming in touch. In fact, if the two of them are undergoing courtship, then it is mandatory and in fact normal to touch each others’ hands, arms, or shoulders. If this is not the case, then there must be something terribly wrong and one must never proceed with such relationships to avoid problems in the future. This also means that the person on the other side is not interested. Hence, touching is crucial for adding spice to relationships.

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3. Sometimes only words are not enough to express the emotions completely. At the same time, words are also not sufficient to make things happen or get requests answered immediately, which can otherwise be done easily with the help of touching. In fact, touch can illustrate the seriousness of a situation or even stress upon a certain issue.

4. Positive energy is passed on with the help of a human touching sensation. This enables two persons to share the positive feelings of one another and maintain a mutual harmony with each other. This may be a manifestation of happy feelings and elated emotions like love, affection, excitement, etc.

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5. Physical touch is even utilized by physiotherapists to heal wounds and body pains with the help of acupressure, massage, chiropractic practices, etc. Therapeutic touch is necessary on the other hand for mind healing, which is utilized by licensed psychologists to cure mental patients to recover from any trauma, memories of physical assaults, and other allied problems.

Therefore, it is mandatory to maintain physical touch with each other along with virtual touch in order to keep all the relationships healthier and happier.

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Human Touch – 5 Reasons Why It Is Essential For You
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