10 Things To Remember When Your Partner’s Love Language Is ‘Touch’

When Partners Love Language Is Touch

Have you been with someone who always wants to be physically close and connected to you? Here’s what it means when your partner’s love language is touch.

When it comes to verbal communication, one of the unconquerable barriers is that of language. We either need a translator to understand a foreign language or we need to use other means to express our feelings.

Similarly, when it comes to love language, people have their uniquely distinct way to receive and express their love and none of them are invalid or meaningless.

Love Language of Physical Touch

According to Gary Chapman’s The Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, there are actually five love languages. Those five “languages” are: Words Of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts Of Service, and Physical Touch.

So you can imagine, that if you and your partner’s love language do not match, you will most probably face some difficulties and hence you need to be a little less narrow-minded and a little more accepting in nature.

Your love language might be that of words of affirmation and acts of service while your lovers might be of physical touch. What do you do then? How do you understand their love language?

Learning Your Partner’s Love Language

Love language is the course of actions we take to express and receive love from our close people or our partner. Love communication is a significant component of a successful relationship. But is it worth calling out on a relationship only on the grounds that your love language is different? No.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when learning your partner’s love language is touch. 

10 things you should never forget when your partner’s love language is touch: 

1. Importance of your partner’s touch

A good, steady and silently reassuring touch makes a huge difference when it comes to affirming love and happiness in the relationship. All it takes is to come forward and never lose and opportunity to touch your partner (always not in the lusty sense) on the road, at home, during intimate moments and at the mundane most places like the grocery.

2. Feeling connected to them

The touch is not only limited to the bedroom. It extends to the work desk, to the kitchen and also in public places. Definitely, lustful touches are a very crucial element in sexual intimacy but what your partner mostly needs is casual meaningful touches that convey a strong message of love.

Hold her/his hand while crossing the road, lightly rub on his/her shoulder while they are at the desk working, and fix their hair. These simply show your partner that you care and feel connected to them.

Love Language Is ‘Touch’
When Your Partner’s Love Language Is Touch

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3. The love language touch shows you need them

Out of all the love languages, touch is the most primal. It supersedes language and symbolic gestures. It just needs you to have the urge to touch them at the right time and show your love. Your partner’s needs are simple.

show your love Language Is ‘Touch’
When Your Partner’s Love Language Is Touch

4. Puts an end to arguments

Are you having an argument with your partner? The best way to end the argument is to pull your partner close to you and hug him/her tight. See how he/she melts in your embrace.

Couple hugging Love Language Is ‘Touch’
Love Language of Physical Touch

5. Embrace the love language of physical touch

Some necessary touch actions that your partner should receive from you are: caressing, kissing, hugging, holding hands, and cuddling.

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How Love Someone Whose Love Language Is Physical Touch?

6. Makes your partner feel appreciated

A good day ends with a hug. Try to implement the habit of welcoming your partner with a hug and a kiss on the forehead or on the hand. This reflects your appreciation of him/her and that you acknowledge his/her presence and importance in your life. This could be a warm change from the burdensome and sterile office environment to a containing home environment.

warm hug
My Partner’s Love Language Is Physical Touch

7. Don’t withhold them of your love

At no cost, you should withhold love from your partner. No matter how angry, frustrated, and disheartened you are with your partner, you must always reconcile with them through the touch actions. Never do the mistake of denying them the touch sensation they need.

partner's love language is touch hug tight in pain
When His Love Language Is Physical Touch

8. It will help them relax!

Often your partner will be cranky and irritable, especially after a draggy day at work. In such situations, you might as offer your partner a back rub. Sometimes when our needs are left unfulfilled we behave weirdly, we get frustrated but when your partner feels your touch, he/she will melt away in no time. Just rub your partner’s back and ask them to relax as you massage their back and see how their mood changes.

partner's love language is touch Sensual-Massage Tips
My Partner’s Love Language Is Physical Touch

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9. Expresses the passion in your relationship

A partner whose love language is touch, you need to kiss them. Kiss them real deep. For them these kisses make them feel alive. The spark is rekindled if you inculcate kissing as a daily practice.

partner's love language is touch deep kissing
When Your Partner’s Love Language Is Touch

10. Leads to a satisfying sex-life

Practice a sensate focus technique for a fulfilling sexual life. Strip down to skin and settle down in the coziness of your bed, touch your partner in a mindful manner, and indulge in the art of seduction. The technique involves the couple to touch each other’s bodies excluding sexual parts like breasts and genitalia.

They are encouraged to feel the pleasure and become increasingly aware of the warmth, texture, and color of their partner’s skin. Practice this technique and avoid engaging in intercourse too soon. Your partner will absolutely enjoy this activity and will lead to your sexual life to be more enthralling and satisfactory.

Things Remember When Partners Love Language Is Touch pin
My Partner’s Love Language Is Physical Touch
When Partners Love Language Is Touch pin

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    Mentor, I’ve often tried to figure out what love language is primary for you. You’re an enigma. Seemingly any one of them could be depending on the specific moment. Not really surprised by that given that you’re a highly sensitive person. Tell me what’s most important to you as I’m telling you here. For what it’s worth, quality time is almost as equally important. You may be surprised to know that gifts are near the bottom for me. It’s probably the most socially acceptable display of love so that’s what I do. I’ll tell and show you I love you in every language but until we can be together, give me some cues.

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