How to Not Get Emotionally Attached to Someone: 8 Simple Rules to Follow


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not get emotionally attached to someone

Having a confusing time taking the right decision regarding your love interest or literally just ANYONE, for that matter? Well, that makes all of us. 

Be it for your tendency to get emotionally attached and fall hard for someone much faster than the other person. Which ultimately leaves you in a position where you’re more vulnerable to rejection or worse, heartbreak. 

It can also include the situation where you actually land the person you want to be with but don’t want to rush into things, because as we all know, rushing into a freshly forged relationship is as bad as ruining it. Hence, the controlled approach towards emotional attachment. 

If it is about completely eradicating the matter of emotional attachment, this is a short discussion. Provided you have lost interest or you know it might end badly or worse, it might lead to an unhealthy time ahead. Then removing all sorts of emotional attachment is the way to go. 

Emotional Attachment : The Concept

Emotional attachment refers to the feelings of closeness and affection that help sustain meaningful relationships over time.

Attachment plays an important role in human connection. The earliest bonds you form with parents and family members can guide and shape the attachments you develop to friends and romantic partners later in life.

You can become emotionally attached to people even without romantic or sexual attraction. Simply feeling close to someone helps you bond and increases your sense of connection. This attachment might help you feel safe, comfortable, happy, maybe even somewhat euphoric in their company.

But how can you tell if you’re too attached? How much of an attachment is rather harmful?  What do you do if that happens? We have all the answers and directions for you.

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8 Ways To Stop Being Emotionally Attached

How Not to Get Emotionally Attached to Someone info

Here are the steps which are just as honest as they are simple and will definitely help you cut short the struggle of erasing your attachments.  

1. Have Clarity About Your Wants

Be clear about what you want from a relationship and why you want it. Having this clarity automatically clears out whether you see the relationship working in the long run or not, whether you’re getting your needs fulfilled and vice versa. 

This is extremely helpful and gives a level ground to judge yourself, based on the commitment you want to have or if at all. Accordingly, the emotional attachment can be built upon or removed eventually. 

2. Reduce Contacts

Be strict with yourself about how much you’re in contact with any new love interests. Don’t text them all day every day as soon as you meet them. Don’t spend all your free time with them. Don’t abandon your friends for them. And don’t let them become your main focus. Keep up with your interests and don’t let your life start to revolve around them. 

If there’s someone in particular you’re thinking of, the same thing applies. Don’t dive straight into this new relationship. Ease yourself in gradually, letting the contact between you grow naturally and sustainably, rather than going from 0 to 100 overnight.

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3. Physical Intimacy : A Big NO-NO

In the process of removing emotional attachment, physical intimacy is the Kryptonite. Getting involved sexually is the easiest way to develop emotional connection, which is okay if you want the commitment. But in any other scenario, try and keep yourself from sex. Positively.

If its a new relationship, rushing into sex might actual backfire. Wait it out, enjoy the ‘honeymoon period’ that comes along with every fresh relationship and build the trust first. The rest of the going only gets easier after that and sexual intimacy automatically comes along. 

4. The Present Is All You Have

Put a halt to all the futuristic thoughts about ‘being together’, to begin with. Stop dwelling in the future. It is just as harmful as dwelling on your past. Live and deal with the present. More often than not, it suffices. 

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For people in a relationship, when a new bond starts to emerge, people usually start fantasizing about hypothetical scenarios in the future, while completely overlooking and missing out on the beautiful present that is at their disposal. This goes on to ultimately ruin even the most potent of relationships. This is keeping the emotional attachment at bay and not letting it get the better of us. 

5. Family And Friends Are Constant, Come What May

If you are volatile and extremely vulnerable to emotional attachment, you definitely should refrain from investing and devoting all of your time and attention to that one person alone. So that incase it backfires, you will not be left empty-handed when the person is absent. The person should be a part of your life, he/she shouldn’t BECOME your life. 

Also, devoting time to family and friends, maintaining the normal social life is important throughout. Disappearing into the relationship, abandoning your closest ones is not a sign of love, but immaturity. 

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Commitment And Depth

Discussing deep topics like life and career goals, beliefs, politics and marriage can of course be heavy for a starter. Things take time to eventually go there and it always happens naturally. That being said, after giving time to the person and the relationship, a certain development of heavy topics is healthy and even a necessity. 

If this level of commitment and depth makes the other person uncomfortable or disinterested, it can be a sign of her lack of intentions, how she sees the potential of this relationship, his/her ambitions with you. 

All the parameters are very helpful in seeing the truth for itself and escaping from the emotional attachment. Commitment and the ‘All-In’ attitude sets the level ground for each relationship to strive on, always.

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7. All The Time In The World

When it comes to love and attachments, it simply demands time. Nothing good ever came out of rushing or hurrying into things like that. Getting into a relationship is actually a huge event in anyone’s life. Therefore it should not be hurried into.

Get to know the person, spend as much time with him/her, know him/her and enjoy the process to the fullest as it is meant to be. Even when you are looking for an escape, time has to be given to the process because it has a huge impact mentally and psychologically.

8. Remind Yourself Of Your Worth

Work on your self-love and self-respect. Practice self-care, look after your body and your mind. Remind yourself that you deserve the world, and that it’s far better to be alone than in poor company. The healthier your self-esteem, the less likely you are to fall for people who don’t deserve you, and the less likely you’ll be to get hurt.

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In A Nutshell

If your standards are too low or you’re scared of being alone, it’s more likely that you’ll get emotionally attached to people who aren’t right for you. Follow these 8 rules for a healthy life. Being in a healthy state of mind and soul automatically attracts people who are healthy and right for you. Then, your emotional attachment to them can be justified

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How Not to Get Emotionally Attached
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