Ways To Cut The Toxic Emotional Cords of Attachment Which Are Draining You

Before we ask the question that how to do it, we need to ask why to do it?

When two people get attached to each other, they develop a kind of ‘etheric’ cords. But when these people suffer separation they find themselves in a weak and vulnerable situation.

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And hence moving on becomes the need of the hour. Cutting these etheric cords then becomes necessary, in order to let go of each other on a positive note. What happens is that when you are close to someone, you end up sharing an energetic bond which is like a cord of energy binding you guys together.

These cords are visible during meditation and those who have seen it remarked that it is generally of dark complexion. These cords can be light like a slim belt, or a heavy one corded by different chakras of the human body. This multiple cording represents different types of attachment like sexual, emotional, mental or/and physical.

Cording is a very natural thing as when two people care about one- another, the formation of the cord is inevitable. Cords actually serve as a mode of communication of energy between the chakras of the people concerned. Cords can be formed again, but this seldom makes sense as no one would cut this cord if they don’t want to move on.

We will now talk about the symptoms which hint at a stronger cord tied between two individuals:

  • When you can’t get yourself away from his/her memories. You have started feeling that moving on isn’t possible now.
  • The conversation you had with them or the conversation you want to have haunted you incessantly.
  • “What would they think?” is a recurring question whenever you think of doing something different.
  • In a constant desire to move back with them and have the kind of relationship again which you shared some times ago.
  • Online stalking and noticing every new move of your special friend.
  • Insomnia and other stress-related issues have cornered you. Along with this, you have become a complete emotional disaster.
  • You sometimes feel like avenging yourself for their behavior towards you. Mostly their behavior was not that wrong, yet you still blame that person for your miseries.

Now that we have discussed how you can identify the stronger cords, now is the time to know about the consequence of your cutting the cord.


Consequence of cutting the cord

In a layman’s language, it is that the other person has stopped residing in your mind and heart. After cutting the cord, you will find your senses and emotions at peace with the surroundings. It would be like cleaning a closet and removing all types of unnecessary things and creating space for the newer ones. Your life spirit and intent will become more strong and sound.

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Imagine the feeling when you don’t have to worry about the past and you are free to enjoy life ahead. This feeling of having shed off the unwanted burden in life surpasses anything for the people who have experienced the trauma of separation. But then you may ask; why don’t we do it on a regular basis? The answer is that we are never taught that we can unburden ourselves from this unacknowledged baggage of emotions.


Identifying the need of the act:

Here we are going to discuss- with whom do we need to cut the cords. Actually, you can cut the cords with anyone who bothers you by not being present physically and haunting your mind psychologically. It means that, if you know a person who penetrates your minds and thoughts, and bothers you without even being present, then you should cut the cord with him. One thing must be kept in mind, that you can only do this if you’re done with him. In this case, cutting the etheric cords serves your purpose.

People with a strong sexual bond with someone can also find the cure here. Sometimes you tend to develop strong bonds with someone you have just been physical with. When you are ready to end your sexual ties with someone, then you can cut off the etheric cords formed between your sexual chakras. If any past sexual experience is impacting your state of mind then you are in a severe need of moving on.

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