Etheric Cords: How To Cut Energy Cords And Release Toxic Emotional Attachments

How Cut Energy Cords Release Toxic Emotional Attachments

Are you trying to let go of toxic attachments but can’t? Then read this article to learn how to cut energy cords and set yourself free!

But before learning how to cut energy cords, you need to be clear on why should you cut energy cords.

Cords Of Attachment

How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords

When two people get attached to each other, they develop a kind of ‘etheric’ cords. But when these people suffer separation they find themselves in a weak and vulnerable situation.

And hence moving on becomes the need of the hour. Cutting these etheric cords then becomes necessary, in order to let go of each other on a positive note.

What happens is that when you are close to someone, you end up sharing an energetic bond which is like a cord of energy binding you guys together.

These cords are visible during meditation and those who have seen them remarked that they are generally dark in color. These cords can be light like a slim belt, or heavy with different chakras of the human body.

How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords

This type of multiple cording represents different types of attachments like sexual, emotional, mental, romantic, etc.

Cording is a very natural thing as when two people care about one- another, the formation of the cord is inevitable. Cords actually serve as a mode of communication of energy between the chakras of the people concerned.

Cords can be formed again after cutting, but this seldom makes sense as no one would cut this cord if they aren’t sure about moving on.

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Signs Of Cords Of Attachment

Before getting into how to cut energy cords, let’s talk about the symptoms which hint at a strong cord connection between two individuals:

  • When you can’t get yourself away from his/her memories and have started feeling that moving on isn’t possible for you.
  • The conversations you had with them or the conversations you want to have, haunt you incessantly.
  • “What would they think?” is a recurring question whenever you think of doing something different.
  • You’re in a constant desire to move back with them and have the kind of relationship again that you shared some time ago.
  • Online stalking and noticing every new move of your special friend.
  • Insomnia and other stress-related issues have cornered you.
  • You have become a complete emotional disaster.
  • You sometimes feel like avenging yourself for their behavior towards you, even if they never did anything to hurt you.
How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords

Now that we have discussed how you can identify a strong cord of energy, it’s time to know the consequence of cutting the cord to release emotional attachments.

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The Consequence Of Cord Cutting

In layman’s language, it is like the other person no longer occupying space in your heart or mind. After cutting the cord of toxic emotional attachments, you will find your senses and emotions at peace and in sync with your surroundings.

It would be like cleaning a closet and removing all the unnecessary things and creating space for the newer ones. Your life, spirit, and intent will become stronger and more sound.

Imagine the feeling when you don’t have to worry about the past and you are free to enjoy life ahead. This feeling of shedding the unwanted burden surpasses every other feeling for people who have experienced trauma bonding.

But then you may ask; why don’t we do it on a regular basis? The answer is that we are never taught that we can unburden ourselves from this unacknowledged baggage of emotions.

How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords

Identifying The Need For Cord Cutting

How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords

Here we are going to discuss with whom we need to cut the cords. Actually, you can cut the cords with anyone who bothers you by not being present physically and yet haunting your mind psychologically.

It means that, if you know a person who penetrates your mind and thoughts, and bothers you without even being present, then you should cut the cord with them.

One thing must be kept in mind, you can only do this if you’re done with them. In this case, cutting the etheric cords of toxic emotional attachments serves your purpose.

People with a strong sexual bond with someone can also find it useful. Sometimes you tend to develop strong bonds with someone you have only been physically intimate with.

When you are ready to end your sexual ties with someone, then you can cut off the etheric cords formed between your sexual chakras. If any past sexual experience is impacting your current state of mind, then you are in severe need of moving on.

In fact, if someone has ever suffered any kind of physical abuse, then they can make their problem a lot easier by cord-cutting.

At times, the perpetrator during the physical abuse harnesses a tie between themself and the victim. This tie leads to the maximum number of problems happening to an assault victim.

They don’t find themselves able to move on from the psychological damage they suffered during the crime. Now, we will discuss how to cut energy cords to release yourself from toxic attachments.

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How To Cut Etheric Cords And Release Emotional Attachments?

Surgery of these etheric cords is done by our loving angels and spirit guides. They cut these etheric cords and uproot the connection by removing the other person from the field of our aura.

However, these spiritual guides do not interfere in our lives unless they are asked to. When we invoke them, they come to our rescue. Now, we will begin the process. It is an easy thing to do, as you just have to say the following words with utmost intent.

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“I ask my angels and spirit guides to help me in this task. I wish to free myself for all eternity from ___(name)___, so that both of us may go free from ties that bind and all energy attachments from the past.

It is time to move past the experiences we have shared. I am thankful for what I have learned and the lessons I was given, but this toxic emotional attachment is no longer needed and is holding me back and affecting my present.

With power, I now ask for all etheric cords to be cut, for all energetic cords physically connecting the two of us to be removed, dissolved, transmuted, and cut free, and for all energy to be returned to the original sender.

It is my intention that no more energy attachments hook onto me from ___(name)___.  With forgiveness and peace, I release them to move away from me and move on whilst I do the same.

I now call upon Archangel Michael (or Sananda, Saint Germaine, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary) to surround me and cut away the cords and give me protection. I ask that this is completed and sealed NOW. Please cleanse my aura of negative energy and emotions, and seal it with love. Amen.”

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  • After uttering the above-mentioned words you have to sit and relax.
  • Be aware of it that whatever you feel after this is just the beginning of the changes you desired.
  • The best time to do this is just before going to bed.

I wish that whoever is suffering from the pain of separation reads this post on How To Cut Energy Cords and benefits from it.

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How To Cut Energy Cords
More On How To Cut Energy Cords

Now as you know how to cut energy cords, are you ready to cut etheric cords and release toxic emotional attachments? Leave a comment below.

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How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords
How To Cut Energy Cords
How Cut Energy Cords Release Toxic Emotional Attachments pin
Cut Energy Cords Release Toxic Emotional Attachments

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I built a bond with a narcissist man whom I believe was sent to help me heal
    the pain of recently losing my son. Instead he betrayed and abandoned me without any remorse. He would repeatedly break up with me then pursue me and beg for forgiveness only to repeat the pattern. I pray that after completing this exercise I will finally cut all attachments and meet a man who is worthy of me.

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