How To Make Your Holiday Spiritual? 8 Ways To Be More Mindful During The Holidays


How To Make Your Holiday Spiritual? Mindful Ways

As the holiday season approaches, we become busy planning parties, buying presents and getting entangled in a whirlwind of festivities. It can be really easy to forget the true meaning behind the celebrations as we get tied up in the hustle and bustle. This is why we must make our holiday spiritual.

With the right attitude and by being mindful during the holidays, we can transform our holidays into spiritual retreats that could help us reconnect with our true selves, our friends & family and the world we live in.

What does making your Holiday spiritual mean?

It refers to instilling an essence of spirituality, mindfulness and deeper sense of awareness into the holiday season. This means instead of focusing on shopping and partying, the holidays should become a time when we think about our own self-awareness and oneness with the world.

Making your holiday spiritual entails –

  • Acts of gratitude
  • Being mindful
  • Self-examination
  • Spending time in nature
  • Serving others through love and compassion
  • Performing rites according to one’s faith/religion

It has to do with being mindful during the holidays, achieving inner peace and awareness while establishing strong bonds with your loved ones, family and friends. Basically, holiday spirituality calls for individuals to dig deeper into the holiness and meaning of this season rather than its outward appearance.

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How to make your holiday spiritual and mindful

holiday spiritual
How To Make Your Holiday Spiritual? 8 Ways To Be More Mindful During The Holidays

Here are a few in-depth ways of making your holiday season truly spiritual as well as mindful so that you can enjoy its magic and true purpose –

1. Prepare to Journey

The journey to spiritual and mindful holidays begins with intention. What does “holiday spiritual” mean to you? Is it about finding inner peace, expressing gratitude, or connecting with a higher power? 

When you are able to define your intention, write it down and place it somewhere visible. It is as though by writing it down on a piece of paper that will be seen regularly around the house, you are subconsciously reminding yourself of your goals to achieve the desired spiritual experience.

2. Gratitude Should Be Nurtured

Gratitude is a transformational practice that invites us into awareness and acknowledgment of life’s abundance. Amidst gift-giving and long sumptuous feasts in the festive season, take time to grow gratitude. 

Begin by keeping a daily gratitude journal of three things that make you happy every day. Instead of focusing on material things during holidays, emphasizing on blessings invites spirituality and mindfulness into festivities.

3. Adopt Silence

In the midst of all the holiday madness, there is a need for moments of silence for your own spiritual and mindful well-being. Make your home a sacred zone – even if that means creating a special corner with candles and cushions. 

Dedicate some quiet moments each day so you can sit in meditation where your mind can calm down while opening up for love. Through embracing silence within oneself, we not only reconnect with our own true selves but also listen out for messages from above.

4. Engage in Mindful Giving

The act of giving during mindful holidays expresses love and compassion. However, this act should be infused with mindfulness. Instead of being swept away by the consumerism tide, be intentional when giving gifts. 

This means considering presents that are meaningful, sustainable, and conform to their values and interests. By practicing mindful giving you not only deepen the spiritual aspect of the holiday but also contribute towards a more conscious and compassionate world.

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5. Get Connected to Nature

Nature has an amazing way of awakening our senses and bringing us back to the moment. Amidst all the chaos associated with holiday preparations, make sure you spend some time in nature.

Take a mindful walk in a park, observe stars on a clear winter night or simply stand barefooted on the ground feeling its surface beneath your feet. By connecting with nature, one taps into the awe-inspiring wonder of existence and grounds themselves within the spiritual essence that pervades all things.

6. Prioritize Self-Care

The holidays often leave us drained and overwhelmed. To make your holiday spiritual and mindful, prioritize self-care during this period. Every day, create some time for activities that refill your energy and feed your soul. 

Meditate or take a long bath in warm water filled with essential oils or engage in creative pursuits that bring joy to your heart. Taking care of oneself is not self-serving or selfish; rather it helps one to show up for others completely and experience the holidays with a sense of peace and abundance.

7. Being in the Moment 

Mindfulness during holidays is crucial for genuine happiness and inner peace.

Among all the presents you can offer yourself and your loved ones during Christmas season, the gift of presence has to be the best. In a world filled with distractions, make a conscious effort to be fully present in each moment.

Listen actively in conversations, enjoy the taste of your meals and engage in activities with undivided attention. The act of nurturing presence strengthens spiritual bonds resulting in life-long memories transcending wealth.

8. Cultivate Positive Relationships

The holiday season is a time for individuals to strengthen and build on their relationships with their loved ones. If you want your holiday period to be spiritual and mindful, then it is crucial to have deep conversations, express love and gratitude, and build moments of connectedness. 

Share stories, laughter or traditions that matter most to your family members or friends. In nurturing real relationships one meets happiness and also contributes to a collective sense of joy, love, and unity.

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holiday spiritual
How To Make Your Holiday Spiritual? 8 Ways To Be More Mindful During The Holidays

Making your holiday spiritual and mindful is all about being your most authentic self, practicing self care, being grateful, sharing love freely and connecting with your inner self.

If you want mindfulness during holidays, consider stepping out from all distractions and concentrate on the beauty of the present moment. Embrace the joy of giving, the power of gratitude, and the serenity of silence. 

May your holiday season be filled with love, peace, and the profound awareness that the most precious gifts are not found under a tree but within the depths of your own heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the three holy holidays? 

The three main holy holidays celebrated by Christian worldwide are Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost, with religious significance and traditions.

What holidays are related to religion? 

Religious holidays include Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Diwali and Eid al-Fitr among others, which respectively mark significant occasions or periods within various faith traditions.

Does holidays mean holy days?

Yes, “holidays” which is derived from the term “holy days,” speaks of the historical association between certain dates and religious rites and events.

Mindful holidays
How To Make Your Holiday Spiritual? 8 Ways To Be More Mindful During The Holidays

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