How To Unleash Your Inner Yoda: The 8 Step Plan To Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty

lead your team through uncertainty


Instead of trying to sweep 2020 under the rug and charge ahead, take time to do an audit of the lessons gained.

Enrol your team by asking them for their feedback and together, define the non-negotiables for 2021. You can then collectively commit to a new agreement to ensure a better way of working.

Some suggested questions are:

  • What went well last year?
  • What changes do you suggest we make?
  • What suggestions do you have to make meetings and our processes more effective?
  • Any other feedback or concerns?
  • How can I best support you?
You're not a failure. Just because you're not where you thought you'd be by now.
How To Unleash Your Inner Yoda: The 8 Step Plan To Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty

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Reach out to each individual and acknowledge their efforts. Praise is often more highly regarded in motivation. Especially now with the usual perks like increases being effected.

Remember to include your top performers in this as well; they equally need recognition for their hard work.

You can do this individually or on your team WhatsApp group. Encourage your team to do this; it doesn’t only have to come from you.

One client has created virtual icons of their team values. Every time someone lives the values such as client-centricity or curiosity, they receive a salute from the rest of the team with the corresponding badge.


When you reframe your role as a guide and mentor, you can let go of the narrative about what you “should be” doing. Resistance to the situation will only frustrate you. Instead, view this as an excellent opportunity for your growth and to practice the skills of empathy and compassion.

Every guide provides a unique set of tools. Yoda shows how to give support, offer challenges that enable one to learn and grow, and provide vision so that the mentee gains self-assurance and independence.

Professor Dumbledore provides Harry with insight and the importance of love and friendship. He gives him the tools to face his challenges rather than deprive him of the opportunity to try.

Haymitch mentors Katniss in strategy to navigate the game. He teaches Katniss to think on her feet, and above all to think for herself.

Are you ready to unleash your inner Yoda? Lead your team through uncertainty?
What are the tools and lessons you are going to impart to your team?
How will their journey be better because of your leadership?

Warm wishes


Written by: Lori Milner
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Originally appeared on: Beyond The Dress
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How To Unleash Your Inner Yoda: The 8 Step Plan To Lead Your Team Through Uncertainty
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