A sad, wicked word ‘Almost’
Hiding desires of quintessential future
Almost made it, almost got it,
Making me its slave, this Almost

The Handsome Prince I have Kissed

While sitting in a Hard Rock Cafe one night, a friend confessed to me how hard it is for her to let go and move on after a horrible break up with her boyfriend.

Embrace uncertainty

Embrace uncertainty

Embrace Uncertainty .Some of the most beautiful chapters in our loves won’t have a title until much later. – Bob Goff –

Depression is uncertainty of the Soul

Depression is not uncertainty of the mind that’s called stress
depression is uncertainty of the soul and how few can explain that. – Michael Xavier

Delicious ambiguity

Delicious ambiguity

Some Stories don’t have a clear beginning,middle,and end.life is about not knowing,having to change,taking the moment and making,the best of it

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