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How To Get Your Ex Back Without Sounding Needy Or Desperate

Introspection is an important tool to gain insight into your inner world: your ideas, values, toxic habits, conflicts, emotions and ways of interactions. Insight is the first step to evolution.

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Take the heartbreak as a blessing in disguise and use the information that is revealed to you to heal yourself. Once you de-clutter your mind, you will find it easy to think rationally.

4) Let your partner make the first move

It is human tendency to place a higher value on what we have to work hard for.

Get contented in your own company and give them some space to miss you.

Instead of calling or texting him/her during vulnerable moments, you can call your buddies or pursue your hobbies and passions to keep yourself busy and distracted.

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When you live your life to the fullest and accomplish your goals, you radiate a very powerful and confident vibe that attracts loving people to you.

Let your ex see you slaying your goals and wonder why he/she is not with you. Give them reasons to ponder over their decisions of leaving you.


5) Put yourself first

The way we treat ourselves sets the tone for how others are going to treat us. Be careful of how much you tolerate. You are teaching them how to treat you. Value your time and energy and spend it wisely.

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Even if your partner returns to you, do not make the mistake of making him/her the center of your life again. Be cordial and warm but do not become needy or desperate. Do not indulge in self-reproach. Let him/her also acknowledge and address the role he played in the break-up.

In the meantime, allow for reflection on your own behavior too.


6) Get clear on what kind of a relationship you want to be in

Hold a clear vision about what kind of a relationship you want to be in. Whether you want an open relationship, committed relationship or just a casual hook up should be coherent to you.

Learn to set your standards and boundaries and do not lower them for anyone. Do not become obsessed about steering the relationship in a certain direction by acting needy or using manipulative tactics.


Let the relationship unfold organically. What is meant for you will stay and what is not will leave. You do not have control over circumstances. You only have control over your actions.


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How To Get Your Ex Back Without Sounding Needy Or Desperate

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