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You Should Read This If You Want Your EX Back In Your Life

You Should Read This If You Want Your EX Back In Your Life

Does it hurt you to see her this way? Does it hurt to see her hurting due to the pain you caused?

I didn’t even take her name but you already had a face in front of your eyes. It only indicates that deep down; you know you lost the girl who loved you more than she loved herself. But you’re somewhat angry too. You have these aggressive questions in your head like “why did she give up so soon?”, “couldn’t she hold on a little longer?” Maybe she couldn’t. You might even be convinced by every rash statement which came out of her mouth when she called the relationship off. She said she doesn’t love you. She also said she never did and it doesn’t matter to her.

But, is that even true? Love is too vast to be described even if you use each and every single word present in the English dictionary. Once a girl is in love with you, you will feel it without even her chanting her love for you. She will give you a million chances and thoughts before she actually gives up on you.  A female who is stressing and fighting with you is also the female who truly cares for you. Once she is quiet, be sure that it’s over from her side.

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No woman wants to start all over again with a new man. It’s too much labour to trust someone after you have been let down. It’s too tough to invest your emotions and time on someone new after you have been completely exhausted. She doesn’t want to be vulnerable in front of anyone else. She doesn’t want to surrender her body and soul to a new man.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t get her back. What matters is how willing are you to try. If she and this love still mean something to you, then go get her back.

Even when she’s walking away, she just wants you to hold her once and say “Hold on. We got this” A woman will stay as long as she sees you trying and making an effort to making things right. Once she realizing that she’s just being naggy and that nothing seems to affect you, she’ll give up.

Now, this might sound a little dumb but sometimes the only person who can clear the chaos is the one who created it in the first place. There are no definite ways or points of getting your ex back. And if you come across videos and posts that state everything in point, just close the tab already because it’s likely to be bullshit. The only thing that can get your love back to you is your effort. She even might be dating someone right now, so you indeed shouldn’t go around sending her random gifts and trying too hard. But there is something which her new guy doesn’t have and that is the whole of her. Every time a woman moves on from one relationship in which she loved really hard, she will leave a piece of her behind. You know her inside out. It’s only justified to say that when a woman is in love with you she will tell you everything about him. Even the tiniest of details and all the unnecessary info but that’s because to her, you’re her human diary. You know her. If a woman walks away from you while being completely in love with you, there is a 99 percent chance that she wants you to stop her from slipping away.

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She’s just tired of the constant loop of fights with no conclusions to them. Sometimes, she feels like all the time and effort weren’t even worth it. This happens when you turn a blind eye to her pain and problems. No matter how mature she is, even an understanding heart grows tired and wants to be understood for once. She is just emotionally drained which is why she left. Maybe because she saw that it didn’t matter to you to see her hurt and struggling.

Maybe she hasn’t completely left yet. Even though she might say that she doesn’t love you any longer. But a part of her is with you. And she will come back. You just need to put in efforts. Correct your mistakes. Show her that you still care. Take authority for once. A woman is blessed with a soft heart. She will run back to the four arms she calls home as soon as she sees that things have a scope of working out. Maybe just maybe, she’s just tired of keeping things from falling apart. It’s your time to take the load she has been carrying all along. Be a man. Settle your action. Go. Get her back while you have the time.

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You Should Read This If You Want Your EX Back In Your Life


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