How To Combat Psychic Attacks

How To Combat Psychic Attacks
  • Distract yourself with music.
  • Burn incense to act as a mini smudge stick.
  • Watch a film that gives you positive reinforcement or helps you to raise your energy levels to a joyous state. Don’t let your mind fixate on the discomfort of the attack.
  • Turn yourself into a tree. Imagine roots growing from your feet deep into the ground. This will help you to stay grounded. Imagine your arms stretching up to the sky. This will help you to view the psychic attack as an opportunity to grow strong.
  • Invoke feelings of, ‘I couldn’t care less,’ and, ‘I’m absurdly happy with who I am and the life I’m living.’ Negative influences cannot operate on that level.
  • Invoke your spiritual guardians and ancestors for assistance.
  • Invite the most benevolent and supreme of all powers you can think of into your very being. This might be a deity, or it might be pure love. Whatever that looks like for you will work, as long as you believe it in it.
  • Put an actual light on. This is a tried-and-true psychological hack to make you feel safer in the dark.
  • If you live with someone trusted, strike up a conversation.

Distracting your mind and fixating on something else will build up your resilience to the attack and make it extremely difficult for the negative energy/ ill-will of someone to take effect.

6. If you don’t know who is leaching from you, then step 6 would be to ask for a name.

Whether you receive an intuitive answer or not, you will be more informed and therefore better equipped.

Lastly, don’t be afraid. The purpose of fear is to help us identify our weaknesses and guide us towards overcoming them. A psychic attack is no different and the aim of that game is to starve it and conserve your own energy in the process.

Negative energy cannot physically harm you. It can only try to influence your thoughts and behavior and it can’t even do that without your initial consent. What I mean by that is that only you can give others the power over your mind. The more you encounter psychic attacks, the stronger and more effective you will get in using these techniques and the quicker the parasite will lose interest.

If negativity can have such a physical and overwhelming influence over us, then positivity can too. The best part of positivity is that it is self-generating and the fact that psychic attacks are even things just goes to prove that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

When you’re not scared and can swiftly move past the discomfort, the parasite has no choice but to find a new energy source.

You yourself are an energetic being having a human experience and the beauty in that is that you can re-charge infinitely. Healthy food, restful sleep, positive stress response, and self-care rituals will keep you feeding your own vitality. Your body is self-repairing and so with mindful actions, you can attain a much higher frequency which fundamentally is unattainable to these people.

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