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How Romantic Are You

Are you someone who pines for their beloved but cannot express how they feel? Or are you all for roses and long walks on the beach? Exactly how romantic are you?

Some of us can shout from the hilltops to declare our undying affection for our love interest. While some avoid the overt display of emotions like the plague. Whether you are big on the PDA or have a hard time showing how much your significant other means to you, surely you want someone who can understand your love language. But before you want someone else to understand you, you should get to know how well you fare as a romantic.

Sure, you know where you stand on love and romance but do you know how romantic are you? You must have taken each and every “are you a romantic quiz” available online but our optical illusion personality test will go beyond telling you whether you are romantic or not. It will answer the question of how romantic are you in your relationship?

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How Romantic Are You Based On What You See First

To complete this easy and simple personality test, you just need to take a look at the image provided below and make a mental note of what part of the image you see first. What you see first in this picture will help you unlock the answer to the question of how romantic are you as a partner?

Give it a go then!

What Did You See First?

  • The Boy
  • The Girl
  • The Skull

1. If You Saw The Boy First

How Romantic Are You?

You have a child-like disposition when it comes to romance. Yes, you love to be loved and to be taken care of, but your lack of emotional intelligence makes it hard for you to understand the needs and expectations of your partner. As a result, you might miss the cues when they want to vent their agony to you or when they want you to step up and take some initiative. Your inability to read your partner makes them think you are an unromantic person, whereas the fact of the matter is that you are a romantic young thing who still needs time to master emotional maturity.

2. If You Saw The Girl First

How Romantic Are You?

You are a hopeless romantic period. You must have been dreaming about your prince charming ever since you were a child. Maybe your college friends made fun of you when you said you were waiting for the right one to arrive. But you are someone who believes in soulmates and the power of true love. Candlelit dinners under the stars seem like the ideal date for you. But you are also someone who doesn’t fall in love quite often. It’s difficult to impress you and set your heart on fire. But once it happens, it’s all fireworks, hot passion, and sweet romance from there.

3. If You Saw The Skull First

How Romantic Are You?

People might think you are a cynic when it comes to romance and love. You exude a vibe of practicality and rationalism and rarely express your emotions. You put up a facade of roughness that deftly hides your inner softer feelings. You find it difficult to open up and show your vulnerability to even your intimate partner. It’s not easy to break the walls you have built around you and get through to your emotions. Naturally, people take the easier route and label you as unromantic. But the right one can bring out the romantic in you and when that happens you are the most romantic lover in the world.

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What Is Your Love Language?

It’s always a smart move to understand your emotions and how comfortable you are expressing them before expecting reciprocation from your romantic partner. If you are facing roadblocks in your relationship due to your inability to show how much you care, you will be well-advised to take a stock of the situation through careful contemplation.

Once you are sure of what you can deliver and what you expect from the other person, you will be able to forge a meaningful relationship.

What You Think Of Yourself Matters The Most

All said and done, if you think you are a romantic person, be confident and be that way. On the other hand, if you feel you need to tweak a few habits to meet the expectations of your partner, it will not be a bad idea. But if you think you do not wish to identify as a romantic, you have all the right to embrace your identity and not care about what others think.

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How Romantic Are You? Optical Illusion Personality Test

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