How I Use CBT When I Am Feeling Depressed



Using CBT when I am feeling depressed has saved my life.

I also use CBT in many other areas of my life.

I use it when emotions with my siblings get high. I remember that each of us carry with us baggage from our childhood that rears it’s ugly head when we are together, that we all have our issues, both individually and with each other, that I can’t take their behaviors personally and that we will all love each other forever, in spite of what might be occurring.

If someone is rude to me in line at Starbucks I understand that that probably says more about what is happening with that person, like they just had a fight with their wife or are running late to work because of bad traffic, then it does about me. Not taking that rudeness personally but recognizing that it has nothing to do with me, allows me to let it go quickly and not let it bring me down.

Talk to your therapist about bringing the principles of CBT into your life. You will be glad you did!
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How I Use CBT When I Am Feeling Depressed