How I Use CBT When I Am Feeling Depressed

How I Use CBT When I Am Feeling Depressed

My life changed when I started using CBT when I am feeling depressed.

Until I discovered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), my depression always controlled me but once I started applying CBT principles to my life when I was depressed I was able to control it.

Psychology Today defines CBT as a type of psychotherapy in which patients reframe negative thinking patterns into positive thoughts.

Before starting CBT, I had only used talk therapy as a means to try to deal with my depression, to little success. CBT worked and worked almost immediately.

Let me tell you how CBT works for me.

#1 – I define the source of my negativity.

For me, some days I just wake up depressed. Nothing specific has happened, my chemicals are just off. I use principles 4 and 5 below, positive self-talk and personal coping skills, to help me during those time. I remind myself that I am not a horrible person or a loser but that the depression is making me feel that way. And, while the Pad Thai might not cure my depression, it certainly makes me feel better for a while.

Some days, my depression is the result of something that is happening around me. And when that happens, I use CBT to help me manage it.

As an example, my ex-husband has a habit of not responding to my emails and texts. This drives me bonkers! I only reach out to him when absolutely necessary and that he doesn’t respond to me in a timely manner can bring me way down.

For many years, not hearing back from my ex would plunge me into a dark depression, one that was hard to pull out of.


#2 – I become aware of what the negativity brings up.

For many years, when my ex wouldn’t respond to my communications, I took it personally. I felt like, because he wasn’t communicating, he had no respect for me. He, who was my husband for 20 years, no longer thought enough of me to respond to my missives in a respectful, timely way.

I would obsess about the absence of the response. I would check my phone constantly, hoping that he had gotten back to me. I would compose long, scathing emails, ripping him apart for being so insensitive and disrespectful.

Because I was angry at him, other things, things that normally wouldn’t bother me, would start getting to me.  I would be unable to work or be otherwise productive. I would take to my bed, feeling shitty about myself.

The combination of these things, like an eddy in a roaring river, would pull me down into a deep dark depression, one that was hard to crawl out of.

Once I started using CBT, I was able to identify the emotions and thoughts that occurred when I my ex didn’t communicate. I recognized that I was taking it personally, that I was hurt and that I felt disrespected. That I was no longer important enough to the father of my children to merit his attention.