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How An Empath Faces Rejections

How An Empath Faces Rejections

An Empath Faces Rejections

Time and time again, there are situations that make the hearts of the hypersensitive, delusional creatures such as ourselves bleed with pain. Being an empath our tolerance for rejection, be it blunt or subtle, is extremely low. We spend our lives in this bubble of acceptance and unconditional love for the universe and our minds are clouded by the notion of tears before truth.

We would rather lie to a person blatantly that think about hurting them with our words. The thought of doing so is in itself an abominable act for us.

So, when somebody holds up a mirror to us making us face the truth, we are simply not able to comprehend the fact that how somebody could hurt such gentle creatures such as ourselves.

It’s not our fault you see, it’s actually an innocent case of the martyr syndrome, whereof, we think of ourselves as the goody two shoes perfect human and everyone else who might be undermining us as the villains of our lives.

They hurt us with their words and we get back at them with the one weapon that we have, i.e., devoiding them of a lifelong trust from our sides.

We think that by doing so we can affect them as they would never get a chance to get close to someone as terrific as ourselves.

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They would realize their mistakes when they understand the fact that they have lost a soul so pure and so intense. It’s the perfect redemption for us.

But we need to understand that we have yet another weapon with us. It’s the weapon that’s thrown at us. We need to learn to use those harsh realities as a reminder of the things that we lack and not get discouraged but rather use it as a fuel to burn the fire inside of us and become capable of achieving.

It’s time we harden up our cores and become a little bit more fearless…it’s time to unlock ourselves with consistency and perseverance.

The world is not too kind for the ones that believe in kindness the most, ironical as it may be. We can’t let the opinions and the rejections stop us.

Hustling relentlessly is the only way forward. So next time, someone tells you that you are not good enough bluntly or hints a lack of belief a bit subtly and you feel your heart breaking, just remind yourself that it’s actually a gift from God.

He is reminding you that you are doing a great job but it’s time that you are tested. Its time you learn to believe in yourself a little bit more firmly. Don’t feel alone, everyone’s been there.

How you overcome this test is truly going to define you. SO, what are you waiting for, get going!!

-By The Drowing Fish

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How An Empath Faces Rejections
How An Empath Faces Rejections