The Lie Hollywood Tells You About Communication In Relationships

Lie Hollywood Communication Relationships

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Why You Need To Communicate Wants

Wants are the extras in relationships — the things you’d like to have, but that aren’t non-negotiables or crucial to your sense of well-being. You can think of them as “nice-to-haves”.

Examples of wants might be:

1. Having sex regularly.

Sex isn’t as important to everybody, but if it’s one of the primary ways to keep a relationship alive in your opinion, it’s a good idea to express this want to your partner. Letting them know about it doesn’t guarantee it will happen more often — but you’ll stand a better chance of having more sex than you would not be telling them at all.

2. Engaging in hobbies together.

Some people prefer to do things on their own, whereas others like to do things together. If you feel like it would be nice to do something like a pair; play golf, take an art class, join a choir, or do some cooking together — let your partner in on this want.

Communication Breeds Intimacy

Our relationships and marriages aren’t like the great romances of Hollywood. We can’t know what the other person wants or needs without talking about it — at least not all the time, throughout the course of our relationship.

This is a good thing.

“Communication is the backbone of a good relationship. It’s through communicating with one another that we build emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy.”

In order to get what you want, need, and absolutely do not want or need, you have to communicate it. It doesn’t mean it’s always easy or fun at the moment — but it’s almost always worth it.

Leigh Norén is a sex therapist and writer with a Master of Science in Sexology. She’s been featured in Thrive Global, The Good Men Project, Babe, The Tab, Glamour, Sexography, and The Minds Journal. Visit her website for more tips on communication.

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Communication is one of the most important pillars when it comes to having a strong and healthy relationship. Without proper and transparent communication, there is a very slim chance of a relationship to survive. So, instead of giving into assumptions and presumptions, it is better to be open with your partner about everything you think and feel.

If you want to know more about communication in relationships, then check this video out below:

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