Healing Trauma: How Your Brain Hides Painful Memories

 September 17, 2016

Healing Trauma: How Your Brain Hides Painful Memories

A New Awakening

Naturally, it will be challenging and painful for victims to discover the unspeakable horrors in their past, especially ones that they never thought existed. Yet this is the process of healing. One cannot look to the future while they are haunted by the past.

This research could be a beacon of hope to those who cannot remember what is holding them back in life.

Source: Spirit Science

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7 comments on “Healing Trauma: How Your Brain Hides Painful Memories

  1. The thought of using this for human therapy is concerning to me only because I do not believe our culture(s) are ready to properly or efficiently handle the backlash of people remembering their traumas. The amount of time and depth of therapy a person may need in order to cope with their re-awakened trauma can be devastating to their lives and/or the lives of those they love and live with and even those they work for. We can hardly handle the proper care of those who have no problem remembering their trauma, childhood or otherwise.

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