Growing Through Trauma: How To Not Let A Bad Childhood Define Your Life


7. Be your own coach and cheerleader

The most valuable lesson that you can learn from a tough childhood is just how strong you can be all on your own. No matter how bad things were, you made it out the other side and now have all the potential in the world to thrive personally, professionally and spiritually. This is a lesson that takes longer to learn when you’ve grown up with a strong support network.

So next time you begin to feel shame, regret, anger or hate rise to the surface as a result of your upbringing just remember how strong you can be. When you are considering taking a risk remind yourself that you can do it. Even on those occasions when you feel alone and unsupported, remember that you are responsible for all the best qualities that you possess.

The best way to do this is to write down the five qualities you like and respect most about yourself and your top three biggest individual accomplishments. This list will serve as a reminder that no matter how your life began, you have seized the initiation and improved it off your own back.

Recovering from your negative childhood memories takes a great deal of mental strength. However, by accepting the feelings and addressing them, you are taking a step towards personal acceptance, as well as furthering your ability to empathize with others in situations of suffering. So don’t dwell on your painful past, focus on your beautiful future.

Source – Spirit Science

Growing Through Trauma How To Not Let A Bad Childhood Define Your Life