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The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together

Nothing can break the invisible thread between two people who are meant to be together.

Heal Yourself With The Chi Energy of Trees According to Taoist Masters

Trees are very powerful according to Taoist masters. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, trees also have the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive.

The Scientific Effects Of Fasting On The Body

Intermittent fasting does incredible things for the body, and while it may be uncomfortable at first, it truly allows you to see the emotional and mental attachments we have to food as a comfort or distraction in our lives. It also allows us to heal and detox on a deep, cellular level; check it out here!

These 5 Optical Illusions That Will Reveal 5 Hidden Sides of Your Personality

You choose what you see and that reveals what kind of a person you are!

How Sleeping on Your Left Side Affects Your Health

Listed below are few of the benefits one can derive if they catch there dreams while sleeping in this position. 

Did You Know You Can Detox Your Entire Body Through Your Feet?

You can detox your body through the feet? Read on to know.

Drinking Lavender Lemonade Will Ease Your Headache And Anxiety

Did you know that lavender oil is an amazing essential oil which has a lot of health benefits?

Why I Wish I Was The Girl Who Wasn’t Afraid

Why I Wish I Was The Girl Who Wasn’t Afraid to live for herself and not others