10 Mental Health Tattoos That’ll Empower You To Overcome Your Struggles

Beautiful Mental Health Tattoos That'll Empower You

Tattoos have always been a great way to share our experiences and feelings and to also reinforce our beliefs. Mental health tattoos act as positive affirmations and our personal reminder to keep going. Tattoos act as permanent symbols of strength on our bodies, which inspire us to stay strong in our journey.

The journey of healing is hard, but these mental health tattoos can help make it a bit easier, by giving you a reminder every now and then, to not give up. And at the end of the day, that is what ultimately matters.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2023,  we just want to tell you that, be it depression mental health tattoos or anxiety mental health tattoos, or even survivor mental health tattoos, this list is bound to make you feel empowered.

Let’s explore some of the most beautiful empowering mental health tattoos.

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10 Mental Health Tattoos That Will Empower You

1. Your Story Isn’t Over Yet.

Mental health tattoos

One of the simple mental health tattoos, but such an empowering one. 

A semicolon tattoo is probably one of the most common and popular mental health tattoos out there. The semicolon symbolizes solidarity against suicide and other mental health issues. It signifies that if the author (survivor) wanted, he could have ended the sentence (their life) but chose not to and continued to write their story.

Singer Selena Gomez even famously got semicolon tattoos done along with the cast of the cult show “13 Reasons Why”, which revolves around the suicide of a high school student.

2. It’s Not Your Fault. 

Mental health tattoos
Serotonin tattoos

Our body has a hormone known as serotonin, which is responsible for regulating our moods, happiness, and most importantly, anxiety, and low levels of serotonin even lead to depression amongst people.

Serotonin tattoos are extremely popular tattoos that represent mental health among mental health survivors because they tend to lack a lot of it, which leads to anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues. The tattoo symbolizes that it is not their fault; it is the chemical present in their brain that makes them feel this way.

3. Being Positive.

It’s not about forcing happiness
it’s about not letting sadness win.

Mental health tattoos

If you are dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. then adopting a positive attitude can help you tremendously. Mental illness is like a monster –  the more you feed it, the more it will grow.

Getting a tattoo that speaks about being positive can help you in your journey of defeating the dark thoughts that reside in your mind. No wonder, this is one of the most popular mental health tattoos among people. 

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4. You Are Going In The Right Direction.

Mental health tattoos
mental health tattoos for guys

This is one of the most favoured anxiety mental health tattoos out there. People who get a tattoo of a compass done on their bodies tend to go for it because it symbolizes the right direction in life.

When you have an actual compass in your hand, what do you use it for? You use it to proceed in the right direction and reach your destination. Your mental illness should never come in the way of you and your true potential.

5. Calming Your Mind.

Mental health tattoos

Ataraxia is a famous Greek word, that translates to ‘a state of serene calmness’ or ‘tranquility of the mind’. People suffering from anxiety and depression desire only one thing- the turmoil and the negative thoughts that constantly swirl in their minds to stop.

That is why this Greek word is quite popular when it comes to mental health tattoos, especially if you’re looking to get small mental health tattoos. It beautifully captures the only thing survivors want.

6. Being As Strong As A Warrior

Mental health tattoos

When it comes to depression mental health tattoos, this is one of the best. All mental illness survivors are warriors in their own right. Living with a mental illness day after day, and still trying to live a normal life, takes a lot of courage and inner strength.

Warriors are known to be indomitable, and that is exactly what this tattoo symbolizes. A warrior tattoo will always remind you of how strong you are, and how you should never give up, no matter what.

7. Loving Yourself

Mental health tattoos
love yourself

This might be one of the most simple mental health tattoos out there, but speaks volumes. Loving yourself is vital if you want to defeat your mental illness. Every survivor who has been able to fight the demons in their head has advocated this golden rule.

You remember how Martin Luther King Jr. had famously said, ”Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”? As long as you love yourself, your mental illness will never be able to control you.

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8. Quirky Takes On Mental Illness

Mental health tattoos

One of the favourite designs when it comes to simple mental health tattoos.

Your mental health can make you go through a lot of stuff in your mind, and it can get really overwhelming at times. You feel like your head is going to burst, but you will never let it. You have the strength in yourself to win this battle.

One of the most unique mental health tattoos to get, this perfectly symbolizes the turmoil in your head and how beautifully you fight it. Go for one of these cute mental health tattoos, and remind yourself every day that you’ve got this.

9. Taking Deep Breaths.

Mental health tattoos

One of the best tattoos that represent mental health.

People suffering from anxiety can frequently experience panic attacks, and they know how difficult it is when you are not being able to breathe properly due to it. Psychologists and psychiatrists always tell their patients to take deep breaths in case of a panic attack, as this helps calm them down.

This type of anxiety mental health tattoos are hauntingly symbolic of this remedy, and also remind the survivor that they will be okay; they just need to breathe.

10. Take One Step At A Time.

Mental health tattoos

Living with mental illness can be extremely taxing, and some days turn out to be worse than the rest. It is during these days, that you need to love yourself the most and tell yourself to take just one day at a time.

Being hard on yourself is never the answer. Being pessimistic is never the answer. Neither is believing that you are weak; you are anything but weak. This tattoo will serve as a constant reminder that you need to take it easy sometimes, and you will be fine.

Mental health tattoos are not the solution to your mental health problems, but they can remind you every day of the strength, love, and courage you have within yourself. They will always remind you that you’re strong and you can do this; you just have to take one day at a time.

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Do you have any mental health tattoos inked? Did you relate to any of these survivor mental health tattoos, anxiety mental health tattoos and depression mental health tattoos? Do let us know your thought in the comments down below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a tattoo that represents mental health?

Some of the common and popular mental health tattoos are the semi-colon tattoo, serotonin tattoo, compass tattoo, lotus flower tattoo, and ‘inhale-exhale’ tattoo.

Is there a symbol for mental health?

The international symbol for mental health awareness is the Green Ribbon. Wearing a green ribbon shows you care about the mental health of the people around you.

Is tattoo a mental illness?

Even though getting tattoos is not equivalent to having mental health issues, researchers have found that people who get tattoos are more likely to be afflicted with mental illnesses.

What is mental health tattoo?

Mental health tattoos serve as a reminder to people to not give up, and that their mental health struggles and illnesses don’t define who they are. It also serves as a symbol of solidarity among people who have lost their loved ones to suicide.

15 Mental Health Tattoos That'll Empower You To Overcome Your Struggles
Mental illness mental health tattoos
15 Mental Health Tattoos That'll Empower You To Overcome Your Struggles
Survivor mental health tattoos
Mental Health Tattoos Thatll Empower You pin
Survivor mental health tattoos
Mental Health Tattoos Empower You pin
Survivor mental health tattoos
Mental Health Tattoos That'll Empower You
Survivor mental health tattoos
world mental health day 2023

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