Spectacular Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of The Amazon

In the rich and diverse world of tattoo art, Brazilian artist Brian Gomes is creating his own unique style inspired by hundreds of years of sacred geometry and indigenous designs.

“I’m constantly inspired by Brazilian indigenous graphics, sacred geometry, Islamic and oriental patterns.” he explains.

But above the visual nature of his designs, his work is also intrinsically linked to his studies in shamanic philosophy. It’s a belief system that recognizes there is a spiritual world directly linked to our physical one – that all physical things have an inner spirit.

Tattoos Are The Ripe Fruit Of The Soul. They Are Our Inner Beauty

His complex tattoos adhere to certain spiritual patterns, each carefully designed to protect and bring good fortune to those who bare them.

Whether you buy into such superstition is entirely an individual choice, but few can question the sheer beauty and detail of his work.

You can see daily updates from his tattoo studio via his Instagram account @briangomes




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