28 Spectacular Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of The Amazon

Tattoos Inspired By Art Of Amazon

Amazon has always been associated with a rich culture and heritage. The Amazonians’ way of living has always hailed, and their courage and resilience have still remained unmatched. They indeed live like warriors and die like warriors.

One of the best ways to acknowledge and pay respect to them is by trying to understand their culture, by trying to implement their ideas in our lives. And this is where Brazilian tattoo artist, Brian Gomes comes into play. These 28 unique tattoos inspired by the art of the Amazon and its sacred geometry and native designs are a sight to behold.

“I’m constantly inspired by Brazilian indigenous graphics, sacred geometry, Islamic and oriental patterns,” he explains.

His tattoos are not just inspired by the Amazon, his work is also a reflection of his belief that the spiritual world is directly linked to the physical one, and that every physical being has their own inner spirits.

His complex Amazon tattoos adhere to certain spiritual patterns, each carefully designed to protect and bring good fortune to those who bare them.

You can see daily updates from his tattoo studio via his Instagram account @briangomes

Here Are 28 Spectacular Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of The Amazon


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos

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amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos


amazon tattoos




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