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The Egyptian Symbol Tattoo You Pick Reveals What You Need To Change In Life

Egyptian Symbol Tattoo Reveals Change Life

Having tattoos is an amazing way of expressing yourself, and showing to the world what kind of a person you are, without even saying a word. If you are a tattoo lover, and you are wondering what kind of tattoo you should get next, you can look in to the rich Egyptian culture and what Egyptian symbol entails.

It’s not just Egyptian astrology that can say a lot about you, any Egyptian symbol that you decide to get inked as a tattoo will have a deep meaning, and will also give a peek into what kind of life you have.

Having an Egyptian symbol tattoo can make you stand out, and how! Their symbols are always one of a kind and look beautiful apart from having a very important meaning behind them. Egyptian culture and mythology are full of powerful goddesses, gods, and god-like creatures, any of which if you get inked on your body, is bound to catch a lot of admiring stares.

It doesn’t just end here, your choice of the Egyptian symbol that you want as a tattoo can also say a lot about how you are as a person, what your life looks like, and even point towards your inherent soul symbol. These symbols can also tell you what you should change about your life, in order to be truly happy, content, and fulfilled.

6 Egyptian Symbol Tattoos That Say What You Should Change About Your Life

1. The Ankh

the ankh

You are someone who has a lot of love in their hearts, and you have a lot of love to give. But somehow, you always find yourself unable to prove it. Maybe you have trouble expressing your emotions and being vulnerable, or people might not have valued your emotions in the past, and hurt you.

Letting go of all those negative and bottled-up emotions will help you not just love people more, but also help you feel better emotionally. Tell your loved ones how much you love them, and how important they are in your life. Tell them how you truly feel, and let go of all those painful feelings from your heart. You will see that the people who truly love you will always reciprocate your feelings.

2. The Falcon

the falcon

If you choose this Egyptian symbol as your tattoo, then it means that there is a lot of distance between you and your family. Both of you love each other, but something or the other always ends up creating a lot of friction between you both. You might have thought a lot of times about making amends, but certain feelings have always stopped you from doing that.

Try to build a more positive relationship with your family, and reunite with them. Even if you do not feel extremely close to them, try to integrate them more intimately into your life. If you have good and healthy relationships with your family members, your life will feel a lot happier, and a lot more complete. When you will need emotional support in your life, they will always have your back.

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3. The Djed

the djed

Getting this symbol tattooed on your body means that you might be collecting a lot of negative energies, and vibes from the people around you. This is also taking a toll on your mental health, and making you constantly feel dejected and emotionally drained. These people can be your friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances.

Stay away from all those people who make you feel negative, and unsure about yourself. Your peace of mind comes first, and anyone who threatens that should never be a part of your life. Surround yourself with people who are positive and optimistic about life, and who will always help you become a better, and happier person.

4. Ba


If you are inclined towards this symbol, then you are an anxious person, who feels apprehensive about trying out new things and exploring new situations. Even though you were quite adventurous as a kid, some life experiences have made you a lot more cautious now. You also struggle with your confidence at times.

Approach life with a sense of optimism, and excitement, and enjoy it as much as you can. Get in touch with the inner child in you, and try out new things, and new experiences to enrich your life. This will help you deal with your anxiety and scary thoughts, and make you more active.

5. The Phoenix

the phoenix

The Phoenix symbol signifies that you are someone who doesn’t like to take a lot of risks in life, and love being in your comfort zone. Routine and discipline are the values you swear by, and changes in your routine make you feel uncomfortable and stress you out. Even though sometimes you want to change this rigid nature of yours, your habits stop you from doing that.

You should relax and take one day at a time, instead of planning your whole life beforehand. Living a disciplined life is an admirable quality, but sometimes you need to loosen up a bit, and not take life very seriously. Try to be a bit more spontaneous, and see how amazing that feels.

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6. The Scarab

the scarab

You are someone who is extremely emotional, and empathetic and is always driven by their heart more than their mind. You serve as the emotional anchor in everyone’s lives and are always there for people who need a shoulder to cry on. Being an empath, you always try to understand what other people are feeling, and never try to cause anyone any harm, even unintentionally.

Sometimes your emotional nature and pure heart make negative people take advantage of it. Recognize these people and make sure that they never get to exploit your inherent goodness. The moment you know who these people are, stay away from them and their negativity. As long as they will be a part of your life, they will always try to hurt you in some way or the other.

So, which one are you going to get tattooed? Let us know in the comments down below which Egyptian symbol is calling your name!

Egyptian Symbol Reveals Change Life pin
Egyptian Symbol Tattoo Reveals Change Life pin

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