15 Green Flags That Prove You’re In A Genuinely Healthy Relationship



When it comes to relationships, you, like almost everyone else, have been conditioned to only look for the red flags. Taking notes of the deal breakers, and toxic things that can threaten to destroy a relationship, and your heart. But just like red flags, you also need to look for the green flags in your relationship that show that your partner is a keeper and that they are “The One” because sometimes, you need to look for the good too, you know.

Looking for the red flags early on in a relationship is something everyone does to ensure that they are with the right kind of person. But, what about looking for the green flags in a relationship? The things that will help you know that this is the person you should be with? This is the person with whom you will be able to build a happy, healthy, and satisfying relationship?

Here Are 15 Green Flags in a Relationship That Prove Your Partner Is The One

1. They understand your feelings.

You know you are with the right person when they understand or try to understand what you are going through. They might not have gone through the same thing, but they respect you and love you enough to try to understand your struggles.

Someone who unfailingly stands beside you, and tries to help you with your difficulties, no matter what is the person you should always be with.

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2. They make you feel comfortable.

One of the biggest green flags in a relationship is when your partner never makes you feel uncomfortable about anything. You can always talk to them about anything you like, and they will be there with open ears and an open mind.

Anything that bothers you, you can talk to them freely, and they will be there to make sure that both of you can work through it in a healthy way, without any judgments or adverse reactions.

3. They never play games.

You know you are with the right person when they follow through with their promises and never keep you hanging. If they tell you they will call you, they will call you. If they tell you that they will meet you at 5 in the evening, they will turn up at 5 sharp.

When you are with the right person, you will never have to wonder what is going on or where you stand in the relationship; everything will be crystal clear to you.

4. They help you be a better person.

The right kind of partner will always help you become the very best version of yourself, and help you wholeheartedly in achieving your true potential. At the same time, they will also work on themselves and their flaws, and always strive to be the best partner to you and a better human being.

Green Flags In A Relationship

5. They give you space.

Being with the one you love is always something you will look forward to, but at times you might need some time for yourself too. And guess what? Your partner will never make you feel bad about it. They will understand the importance of personal space, and will always trust you and love you enough to give you that.

Giving you your space, without feeling angry or bitter about it is one of the biggest green flags there is. They will not make a big deal out of it if you choose to spend an evening or two with a friend or decide to go to sleep early, instead of watching a movie with them.

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6. They admit their mistakes.

Sometimes things can go wrong in a relationship, and fights and arguments are a part and parcel of them. But if you are dating someone who admits their mistakes, apologizes, and actually works on them, then you have finally found “The One”.

It is not always easy to own up to your flaws, and some people fail miserably at it, but if you are with someone who does not hesitate to apologize for their mistakes, know that you have found a keeper.

7. They are comfortable with silence.

Silence can sometimes serve as a litmus test when it comes to judging whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. You know you are in love with the right person when they are comfortable with the occasional silence in the relationship.

Loving each other does not mean you will have to keep on talking and talking; enjoying each other’s presence even when you have nothing to say speaks volumes about the person you are with and the kind of relationship you share with each other.

8. They have a lot of passion in themselves.

And this does not just mean in the bedroom, even though that is equally important. Always be with someone who is passionate about something in their lives, whatever that is. It may be cooking, reading, playing sports, or even knitting, it doesn’t really matter; as long as they are putting in a lot of effort in being better at it with every passing day and are trying to improve themselves, instead of watching Netflix all the time. A person who wants to grow is the best kind of person to be with.

9. They treat everyone with respect.

Treating everyone with respect does not just mean the ones you know, or are related to you. You know you have found a good one, when they are nice and respectful to people who are seemingly ‘inferior’ to them, like a waiter, sweeper, or anyone in the service industry. He/she will never put them down, and will always treat these people with a lot of patience, niceness, and a wholesome attitude.

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10. They love your friends, and family, and not just for the sake of it.

This one is probably one of the most important green flags in a relationship. When your partner gets along with your family and friends, and they genuinely want to have a good relationship with them, know that you have hit the jackpot. Lots of people don’t feel the need to foster good relationships with their partner’s family, and that can be a huge turn-off. But, when your partner treats your friends and family like their own and gives them the love and respect they give their own family, it speaks volumes about their character and integrity.

11. They love pets and animals as much as you do.

You can say a lot about a person’s character by seeing how they treat animals. You should never be with anyone who is cruel to animals, as that shows their propensity towards violence, and you never know, they might end up being violent with you even.

But when you are with someone who loves and cares about animals, as much as you do, you know that they have pure hearts. How they treat innocent animals, says a lot about who they are as a person.

12. They give efforts to see you.

When your partner wants to see you, spend time with you and makes an effort to do so, it’s a good sign. Relationships need effort, and a certain amount of hard work, and if your partner is willing to put in that work, take it as a positive sign.

You would never want to be with someone who doesn’t care enough, or who thinks that they have better and more important things to do than meet up with you. If your partner is making it a point to make plans with you and spend time with you, despite their busy schedules, know that you have found a keeper.

13. They never pressure you for sex.

In healthy relationships, sex is always organic, and if someone directly or indirectly forces you to have sex, then get out of that relationship as fast as you can. If your partner never makes you feel pressured to have sex, takes your feelings into consideration, acknowledges and respects your sexual boundaries, and asks for your consent, then that’s a huge green flag. Physical intimacy should always happen because both partners want it to happen, not because you are in a relationship, and that is why they are entitled to your body.

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14. They help you to be your authentic self.

No matter who you are with, you should always be the real you. Be with someone who encourages you to be your most authentic self; pretending to be someone you are not, just to satisfy your partner is one of the most unhealthy things you can do. If you have never felt the need to be your ingenuine self in a relationship, then know that you are with the right person, and in the right kind of a relationship.

Green Flags In A Relationship

15. They take care of you in small ways.

A happy relationship is not always about big, grand gestures, and most of the time the little things matter the most. Making your favorite dish when you are sad, asking you if you have eaten, hugging you while sleeping, helping you do the laundry, getting drunk on wine, and dancing on the couch – these are the things that can give you happiness like nothing else. Be with someone who takes care of you with the littlest things, and makes those little things seem like an adventure.

Love is a beautiful thing and if you have found a partner like this and have a relationship with all these green flags, then count your stars, because you have found the best of the lot. Go, and give them the tightest hug you can give, and never ever let them go.

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15 Green Flags That Prove You’re In A Genuinely Healthy Relationship
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