What Is The True Color Of Your Rage? Color Psychology QUIZ

What Is The True Color Of Your Rage

What Color Is Your Anger? When you’re frustrated, upset, or downright furious, what color are you? Are you a passionate and angry red or a chill, sensitive blue? Or is it intense as purple? Let’s discover the true color of your rage!

Here are different colors of rage and what it says about you


– You’re passionate, sensual, and adventurous.
– When something isn’t right, you speak up and when there’s an injustice, you make your voice heard.
– Just like your love, your anger is intense and all-consuming, making you a fascinating and dynamic personality! – – Choose your battles because your rage can move mountains – literally!


– You’re righteous and a highly evolved soul from a higher plane.
– Your emotions are pure and your anger is always in pursuit of the common good and justice.
– You’re a noble person with a strong spiritual side – whether you realize it or not! Keep it up because this world needs you!


– You’re sensitive, deeply emotional, and crave balance and harmony in life.
– Your anger is blue like the sea! Your drive for peace and tend to bottle your feelings.
– You’re inclined towards artistic pursuits, such as writing, painting to vent your frustrations.
– You have deep compassion for the world but your emotions often run a bit too deep.
– Your anger rears its head most when your feelings have been disregarded or mocked.


– You’re calm, down to earth, naturally balanced, and rarely get angry.
– Your anger, however, is often productive and drives you to new accomplishments.
– You don’t bottle your feelings but you don’t go over the top and explode either.


– You’re grounded, practical, industrious, and reliable.
– Your anger is stubborn, deeply rooted, and heavy.
– You’re a builder at heart and your anger often motivates you to start new projects and endeavors.
– You’re naturally a winner and success comes to you with hard work.


– You’re naturally happy, cute, relaxed, bubbly, and cheerful.
– You don’t hold grudges and your wrath is more like feathers than bullets.
– You’re a natural peacemaker with a knack for bringing light to even the darkest of situations. Keep it up, we all need your shine!


– You’re popular, beautiful, a natural performer, and downright irresistible!
– Your wrath is most frequently expressed when your ego has been bruised or your accomplishments go unrecognized.
– However, your fury is harmless and your natural grace always conquers even the coldest of hearts.

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What Is The True Color Of Your Rage? Color Psychology QUIZ
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What Is The True Color Of Your Rage? Color Psychology QUIZ

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