What Is Your Attachment Style At Work? QUIZ

your attachment style

Do you have incredible time-management skills? Are you able to maintain a work-life balance? If no, then it’s time to find your attachment style at work! Take this free 1-minute quiz to know how your attachment style sabotages your work-life balance.

What Is Attachment Style?

According to Attachment Theory, human beings develop attachment styles during early childhood. The style of attachment evolves out of relationship bonding and experiences with family members and caregivers. And it will influence personal relationships throughout our lives as well as work, social life, time management skills, satisfaction, and happiness.

Understanding attachment style will help you know why your relationships do or do not work so that you can bond in healthier ways. Your attachment style is based on four main types of bonding:

Secure attachment 

People who are securely attached tend to be less anxious and are more satisfied with their relationship and work.They’re open and straightforward, can easily form connections with anyone anywhere, and reach out for comfort. 

Anxious or preoccupied attachment 

Anxiously attached people are desperate for a fantasy type of love life even when it might not be possible. The fear of losing their partner, makes them paranoid, needy, and crave for attention. They are also prone to jealousy and distress. 

Avoidant or dismissive attachment

People with avoidant attachments are emotionally distant and see attachment as a weakness. They are independent, assertive and self-sufficient and afraid to be codependent. During arguments, they shut down emotionally and close themselves off from feelings. That said, they can be very sociable, popular and friendly and have no problems being single. 

Fearful avoidant or disorganized attachment 

People with this type of attachment have an ambivalent mindset. “Stuck” is the best word for them. On one hand, they are afraid of connection and on the other hand, they overanalyze the equality or depth of their relationships. Easily overwhelmed, their mood swings are next level. 

Now that you know different types of attachments in relationships, it’s time to find out what is your attachment style and how it is affecting your time management skills and work-life balance.

Are you ready?

Take This Attachment Style Quiz 

This short quiz comprises 7 questions related to your work and life  (relax…not too personal questions though). 
Answer them spontaneously and you will immediately know if you have a secure or fearful or dismissive attachment style.  
And then you can take appropriate action to change your style with some effort, cope up with challenges at work and improve work-life balance. 

What are you waiting for?

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Let us know your quiz results in the comments below. 

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What Is Your Attachment Style At Work? QUIZ

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