5 Things That Differentiate A Genius From Ordinary People


The Way of Genius!

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer

It’s not what geniuses’ think that makes them genius but they way they think.

If an average person and a genius look at the same thing at same time, they will perceive two different things. When we see things we perceive them and it’s the perception of genius that makes them genius.

By attempting to think like a genius we may give our creativity a boost.


Here are 5 things that genius people do, that differentiates them from average people.

1) Genius People are productive

Productivity is the major characteristic of any genius. They make a lot of stuff and not necessarily always good stuff, they do fail many times and many times the work is not good to let alone great.

What most of us do is limit our productivity once we think we have reached our potentials. We do not challenge ourselves beyond the routine.

But they don’t stop, they keep on pushing and out of all the efforts something great comes up. Edison is the perfect example for this, he failed numerous times before finally coming up with the revolutionary bulb.

We often fear, we fear failure and let ourselves settle for less than we are capable of. We limit our creativity. Let yourself fail. The more you try, the closer you are to something big.

Go on trying, it’s okay to make bad things, write a bad poem, plan a bad business, paint a bad picture just go ahead and do it, the more you make the closer you get to something great.


2) Genius People look at problems in many different ways

When we encounter any problem we look to go for the most convenient and quickest approach.

Mostly their approach towards problem solving is through deductive reasoning which is often considered a better technique to reach conclusions as compared to inductive reasoning.

We abandon any idea that we feel is difficult and also stop the thought process once we have a convenient solution but that not the case with geniuses, they keep looking for solutions even if they already have an easy one, they leave no stone un- turned and in the process explore every possibility of the problem.

One cannot solve a problem with the same mindset which was there while encountering the problem. The genius realizes this and changes their perspective and attitude towards the problem.


3) Genius People make their thoughts visible

Visualization of your thoughts is important. Words or numbers do make sense but to give a broad and vivid picture diagrams, charts or maps help a big deal.

The geniuses realize this and they always try to be more spatial and visual with their ideas.

Putting your thoughts in a diagram not only help you conceptualize it better but also other people.


4) Genius people are good at establishing Connections

Establishing a connection between two completely disparate topics lead to the invention of something great.


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