5 Simple Habits That’ll Make You A Creative Genius

Creative Genius

Creativity is in high demand these days. Whether you need to be more creative for your work or for your passion projects, there are certain habits that can unlock the creative genius inside you.

Although some might believe you need to have some sort of creative gene in you, you can definitely develop creativity through the right mindset, lifestyle, and habits.

5 Simple Habits That Will Make You A Creative Genius

Habit #1: Create consistently

When you’re inconsistent with your art, you lose trust with your audience. They don’t know if you’re going to consistently deliver on your promise. It doesn’t matter if it’s blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, music, or some other type of creative work. Your audience needs to know they can count on you to deliver.

This is one of the key marks between a professional and an amateur. An amateur creates when they feel like it, and a professional get to work no matter what.

If you have a job, a family, are involved in your church or community, and have other commitments, you know how hard it is to be consistent. Two of the most consistent writers I know are my friends Joe Lalonde and Dan Black. They both write about leadership, have many other responsibilities besides writing, yet consistently crank out high-quality blog posts.

Challenge: Commit to doing the work no matter what the external conditions, and deliver what you promised.

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Habit #2: Focus on helping others

I am a natural introvert. I’m a high “C” on the DiSC inventory and an ISTJ on the Myers-Briggs temperament analysis. I get my emotional strength from being alone (which is why it’s sometimes hard to ask for help), and I love systems and processes.

This also applies to my personal and creative growth. I have stacks of books to read, long tasks lists, and all sorts of ways I want to improve. But in the process, it’s very easy to forget that I need to focus more on helping others grow. And in the process, I’ll grow as well.

This is why I wrote The Artist’s Suitcase, why I started the Artist’s Suitcase Facebook group, and why I try to be intentional about engaging with people online. I have a natural tendency to be inwardly focused. Maybe you do, too.

The real joy in creating art comes when we share it with others and help others reach their creative potential.

Challenge: Find other people you can help. You have knowledge and resources that will benefit others.

creative genius
Creative genius

Habit #3: Collaborate with others

When you’re starting out as an artist (or perhaps even when you’ve been at it a long time), you don’t have a team around you to help. You feel the responsibility of doing everything yourself. In my case, that means coming up with ideas, motivating myself, and doing all the legwork related to writing and editing.

You may not have an assistant (I don’t), but that doesn’t mean you should be flying solo. There are lots of opportunities for networking, masterminds, Facebook groups, local artist groups, church groups, and so many other ways to connect with people. You just have to be intentional about it.

This year I am committing to working much more closely with others on projects. In fact, I’ve already got one project in the works. I realize that I’m much stronger when I work with a team. If Michelangelo needed a team to paint the Sistine Chapel, you and I need others’ help, too.

Challenge: Find like-minded people who will challenge you, encourage you, and help you be at your best. Then if at all possible, find ways to work together.

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