11 Types Of Dating Trends Popular Among Gen-Z: Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Lingo!


Types Of Dating Trends Popular Among Gen-Z In

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Gen Z dating trends! It’s bound to be a rollercoaster. In this digital age, where swiping right is as customary as saying hi, there’s a certain way Gen Z has perfected the art of connecting, through their different and dare I say interesting types of dating trends.

With situationships that’ll have you scratching your head to love hazes that’ll have you say “been there!” we’re diving into 11 popular gen z dating trends that will leave you feeling confused and intrigued at the same time.

So buckle up for the ride ahead and get ready to navigate the dicey world of modern love with us!

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1. Situationship

Situationship is probably one of the most common types of dating trends out there right now!

Imagine hanging out with someone and doing all the things couples usually do without actually being in a serious and exclusive relationship; it’s like a relationship but not a relationship. Keeping it casual and flexible, but still enjoying all the perks of romance at the same time.

Just remember communication is key here, if not — things can get tricky. It’s kind of like relationship roulette but hey, sometimes that’s exactly what Gen-Z thrives on.

Types of dating styles amongst Gen-Z

2. Love Haze

Ah yes, welcome to cloud nine my friend where everything is perfect and nothing could ever go wrong. There are no red flags, only the greenest of green flags (the millennial in me is screaming).

The butterflies fluttering around in your stomach make it feel like you’re walking through a dreamy wonderland where you’re head over heels for someone — and they’re head over heels for you too.

Even though being optimistic is great, however just remember to keep your feet on the ground here because there’s a little thing called reality (unfortunately) waiting for you underneath all the clouds you are floating on.

3. Stack Dating

One of the craziest Gen Z dating trends is stack dating for sure! Stack dating is all about keeping your options open and going on multiple dates with different people.

Picture it like a line of dates in a buffet. Each one is different and you get to try them all without committing to just one dish! Also, how would you know what you want if you don’t try it?

But then again, be fair. Try not to leave anyone involved with empty promises and a broken heart.

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4. Textationship

This is probably one of the most interesting types of dating styles to exist right now. A textationship is like an online romance where two people only communicate via text messages.

It’s about that conversation that goes on till dawn, the flirty emoji exchanges or one ‘LOL’ that makes the heart skip a beat. It is a relationship that thrives on texting as an art where words are the core of connection and anticipation.

Think of it as a secret code only both of you understand; a love lingo challenging small screens. Have your phone with you and get set for what might be described as textual adventure which you can’t resist being seduced by.

5. Cuddle Date

Forget about an expensive dinner date, and think more along the lines of snuggling together in comfy blankets instead. The cuddle date is a fun trend whereby two people can indulge in physical closeness without feeling obligated to do anything more than that.

Almost like having that warm platonic hug amped up on steroids. Just ensure that there’s consent and clear communication between both parties about this.

This way all parties will also feel comfortable while setting boundaries that make things proper towards each other. So put on your coziest clothes and get ready for the biggest cuddle-fest ever!

6. Orbiting

Do you ever stalk someone on social media, like their posts and then slide into their DMs without actually engaging in any real conversation? Such is one of the types of dating styles Gen-Z loves and it’s known as Orbiting.

You feel like there’s no gravity holding you down and it can be mind-boggling and full of emotions, therefore, take some time to evaluate whether orbiting is a healthy choice for you.

Orbiting is not something you should indulge in too much, otherwise it can mess with your head and twist your perception about dating and love. Instead, try to focus on interacting with people who are more present and ready to form genuine bonds.

Can you imagine maintaining multiple love interests while having a backup plan or two? That’s what cookie jarring is all about. It’s like having a jar filled with cookies for back up just in case that one breaks off.

If you are someone who is currently cookie jarring, then remember to be fair and honest to all the people involved in the relationship. Don’t keep any of them hanging as if they were candy bars.

Be kind to them and consider how they feel about things. Maybe you should rethink your dating strategies if you are not prepared to settle down with only one person at this point.

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8. Cuffing Season

One of the most interesting types of dating trends prevalent among Gen-Z is cuffing season.

Imagine this: it’s winter and everyone wants somebody warm to snuggle with. Cuffing season is similar to finding a temporary partner for emotional warmth during the cold nights that does not involve any long-term commitment.

However, make sure both of you understand each other’s intentions and expectations so as not to get disappointed later on. Remember, you don’t want your heart freezing over when winter ends leaving frostbite behind.

9. Slow Dating

In this era of instant everything, slow dating is like applying brakes and enjoying the romance journey. It’s more about taking all the time you need to know someone before committing yourself to any type of serious relationship. It is like savoring a slow-cooked meal as opposed to gobbling food through a fast-food drive-thru.

Slow dating is one of those Gen Z dating trends that encourages you to make meaningful relationships, have deep conversations, and create genuine emotional bonds.

So forget about the stopwatch and discover someone’s idiosyncrasies, aspirations, and values through experience.

Types of dating styles amongst Gen-Z

10. NATO Dating

Otherwise known as “Not Attached To An Outcome”, NATO dating is one of those types of dating that prioritizes the journey over the destination. In this type of dating, Gen-Z has a very laid-back approach to love and relationships, and they don’t put too much stress on finding The One.

It’s more like you focus on relishing every moment of your dating journey. It’s all about allowing you to connect with others from the outside while also growing as an individual.

It steers away from the traditional thinking that every date has to be geared towards a long-term committed relationship.

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11. Self-Partnered

Who needs a knight in shining armor or a Princess Charming when you can be self-partnered? One of the most interesting types of dating styles in the modern world, it prioritizes self-love the most.

When you self-partner, you think about your own personal growth, try to find fulfillment within yourself, and you don’t wait for someone else to come and make you feel complete.

So put on that crown; wear it well and start the journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. You are your own happily ever after.

Lexi in Modern Love

Whoa, these are some really interesting types of dating Gen-Zers believe in, don’t they? Gen-Z is all about being flexible, and independent and figuring out what works for them, and honestly, that’s something a lot of people can get behind (me included).

Whether it’s piling up dates or taking it easy, they’re all about keeping it real and finding that deep connection.

Have you ever experimented with these Gen Z dating trends? Which of these types of dating did you find the most interesting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

gen z dating trends

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