Stack Dating: 8 Pros of This Modern Twist On Love For Busy Bees


Stack Dating: Pros On This New Dating Trend

Navigating first dates is an emotional rollercoaster. So, here’s stack dating, an efficient way to manage your time and love life. So, are you ready to follow this approach?

Whether you’re a seasoned dater looking to revitalize your approach or someone stepping into the world of relationships for the first time, the concept of date stacking invites you to reconsider the way you build connections.

But before we get on to the pros and cons of it, let’s learn more about what is a stacking date.

So, what is stacking dating exactly?

Well, it’s the art of seamlessly fitting dates into your already bustling schedule, avoiding the pressure of dedicating an entire evening or weekend day to one person.

It’s like adding a date onto your existing commitments or scheduling back-to-back dates. It’s about making dating less of a grand production and more of an integrated part of your daily life.

The beauty of stack dating is that it takes the edge off the dating game. Unlike traditional dating, where you might invest a whole evening in one person, stack dating is about exploring potential partners quickly and efficiently.

Each date becomes a casual meet-and-greet, a chance to gauge baseline attraction and conversation chemistry without the pressure of a full-fledged romantic ordeal.

In the 2023 Tinder Future of Dating report, 51 percent of Gen Zers expressed actively seeking ways to squeeze dating into their daily schedules. Some even admitted to going on dates during their workdays, showing just how adaptable this approach can be.

This could be a response to remove dating-related stress, a prevalent issue among Gen Z, a generation known for reporting high levels of stress and anxiety. This generation values authenticity, having grown up in a hyper-filtered social media world.

Stack dating, in a way, brings back elements from the courtship model of dating from a few generations ago, emphasizing casual meetings without the expectation of casual sex.

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Now, let’s break down the pros and cons of what is stacking dating.

Pros of Stack Dating:

  1. Increased Odds: Going on shorter dates means meeting more people, statistically improving your chances of finding a compatible partner.
  2. Less Production: Say goodbye to the stress of primping for hours. With stack dating, you’re already dressed for whatever else is on your agenda that day.
  3. Efficiency: Life is busy, and stack dating recognizes that. Penciling in short dates can make the dating process more functional and less time-consuming.
  4. Boosted Confidence: Meeting potential partners more frequently can make you a more confident dater, making dates less stressful.
  5. Authenticity: Coordinating dates around existing commitments allows you to show up as your natural self, reducing the risk of changing any aspect of yourself to fit a dating scenario.
  6. Options Open: By keeping things light and meeting multiple potential matches, you avoid investing too much too soon and increase the chance of finding someone truly compatible.
  7. Easy Exit: No sparks flying? No problem. Short dates with clear time boundaries make it easier to gracefully exit without worrying about hurt feelings.
  8. Fun Adventures: Dating is supposed to be enjoyable, and going on many mini-adventures can be more fun than fewer, lengthier dates.

Cons of Stack Dating:

  1. Dating Burnout: If you’re using all your downtime for dates, you might start feeling mentally drained. It’s crucial to know when to recharge.
  2. Overwhelm: Juggling too many prospects can lead to forgetting details and hinder the depth of connections.
  3. Less Time with Matches: Back-to-back dates or short timeframes may leave you wanting more time with someone you really hit it off with.

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How do you approach stack dating successfully?

Now that you know what is a stacking date, remember that communication is key. Express your intentions clearly and set expectations with your date.

Let them know you prefer brief initial meetings to feel things out before committing more time. Most people appreciate the transparency, and it sets the tone for a more relaxed and enjoyable dating experience.

So, you’re stacking dates during lunch breaks, before dinner with friends, or when you’re at your social best, remember, there’s no wrong way to stack date. It’s all about finding what works for you in the busy, fast-paced world of modern romance. Happy stacking!

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