You might have heard many people say that you should look for stability in life. That you should get a house, a job, a spouse, a couple of kids, and a dog. And that these things should come as soon as possible.

No pain, no gain, they say. As if life would only pay us back if we suffer long enough. But you have your dreams, and you would like to follow them. They have been with you since childhood, and they are a sort of best friends.

And yet, people say that you should ignore them. Or that you should leave them for later, to when you get all necessary things done.

This is what I dwelled with for ages.

I wanted to become a professional writer, but everybody was telling me that this would never come true. That writing was just for a handful of lucky ones, those with great networks or with a surname to back them up.

And I had none of it.

I came from a low-income background, generations and generations of hard workers who never managed to make more than enough to live.

So while my family had the best of intentions, they never supported my idea to become a writer. They could never understand me.

They want me to go to university, get a degree in Law or go to Medical school so that I could ensure a “real” career and a good job to myself.

But I felt miserable just by thinking about it.

So I decided to follow my dream instead. Despite all criticism, I enrolled in a BSc. in English and started perfecting my craft.

I wanted to be a writer, and I knew that the only way to do was to be the best writer that the world had seen before.

So I studied hard, read a lot, and wrote even more. I looked for a list of the best writing services available, so they could go through my work and suggest improvements.

And now I am proud to say that I am a professional writer. I do it for a living, and I like to think that I am good at it.

And to be honest with you, it wasn’t as hard as people thought. I think that when you are good at something and do your best to deliver an outstanding work you can, you get noticed.

You work hard because you loved it, and you don’t feel like it is work at all.

So if you are in a situation where people are telling you to stop being silly and forget about your dreams, here are a few reasons why I think you should ignore them all:

You are the only one who know your limits

When people look at you and say that they think that you can’t pull something off, they are making an assumption from their point of view.

No matter how much they know you, they can’t be sure about what you are capable of all the time.

You are the only one who can tell what you are able or not to do.

And the truth is that maybe even you won’t be sure about it. You have never tried to follow your dreams before, so you haven’t experienced the adrenaline brought by it.

People might think that you are a hopeless procrastinator, and it won’t allow you to achieve your goal, for instance.

And you might agree with them

But, it is very likely that when you start doing something that you love, you won’t procrastinate at all.

Because you will be having fun.

You are the one who will face the consequences

You probably have heard what happens to most of the people when to get older. They start to evaluate what they have done in their own lives.

If they are happy with their achievements so far, it is time to celebrate and enjoy the years to come.

But if they aren’t, things can go really bad. Out of regret, people make hard and, sometimes, unnecessary decisions, such as getting divorce or quitting their job.

Depending the situation, they still might be able to chase their dreams. But on many occasions, they are too trapped in the current situation that there is no way out. It leads to depression, anxiety, and several psychosomatic illnesses and their nasty consequences.

I guess you have already understood what I am trying to say here.

If you have a dream, go for it. Because it is you who will suffer for not doing it, not them.

It is you who will be going to a job that you hate every day or living a lifestyle that you don’t want.

It is you who will be crying, getting ill, and feeling angry.

You will be the one doing all the hard work

One thing that stops people from following their dream is the hard work that takes to achieve it.

And I won’t lie to you about it. There is a lot of hard work involved. You need to learn new skills and tell the world that you exist. And you can’t do it with magic.

So it is understandable that the other think it is too much of a hassle. That you can make the same money and enjoy the same level of security much easily doing something else.

But you don’t want to do something else. And you will be happy with that hard work because it will be about your passion.

So this is my message for you: don’t let other people decide your destiny. If you want to follow your dreams, please do it.

You can always achieve what you want if you believe that you can and are ready to work for it.

What everybody else is saying isn’t important here. They might be scared, they might be trying to protect you from disappointment, they might even be jealous.

So look inside yourself and make your own decision. I promise you that your life will be much happier as soon as you start pursuing something about what you are truly passionate.