Follow Your Career Dreams, The Right Guy Will Come


Follow Your Career Dreams, The Right Guy Will Come

Don’t quit.

A woman who lives to follow her dreams is the most attractive woman.

You are nearing thirty or may be forty and still you don’t see marriage happening in the near future. While you are not unhappy being still unhitched, you are worried about your biological clock ticking. You think medically it’s in your best interest to start a family before 35. And there are so many more things that worry you that compel you to think marriage should be your first priority.

To top it all, your friends from everywhere cannot stop posting their marriage pictures on Facebook. Some have even started their families and are already pregnant with their second child. Even those who had faithfully stuck to their singlehood by will or for the lack of right partner have found that special someone and are all set to begin a new life.

Obviously, you are happy for your friends, but somewhere in your heart you feel a bit down. You start questioning your state of singlehood. You start analyzing yourself and ponder what went wrong. Are you too engrossed in your work that you don’t have time to look around? Do people find you unapproachable or intimidating?

If you think focusing on your career is hampering your chances of finding love and companionship, you are wrong. On the contrary, your status as a successful career woman is a huge cause of attraction for many men. You are in reality a symbol of positivity, a woman who is what she is because of her abilities. Men are turned on by women who are independent and doing great at the workplace. You are more likely to men the best guys than it would have been possible otherwise. There will be some who will feel insecure by your confidence, but you are not out there to win everyone.

There are many men who consider professional women with great respect. They think such omen are achievers and appreciate their determination and drive. Your ambition and dedication is not a turn down for them. You want to implement your talents to gain things in life. They want to settle for someone like you and not some hot chick who has done nothing in her life.

You may not know, but your man will be extremely proud to introduce you as a successful career woman. Your success will only boost his self-esteem.

A woman dressed immaculately in a suit making walking confidently draws more attention from men. You think you are in an awful state with your hand bag, laptop bag, lunch bag, all hanging from your shoulders. The men around have a very different view. For them you are the sexiest thing in the universe. But, they can’t stop wondering, why women need so many bags?

Having said all this, we can’t deny the fact that dedication to your career is good, but obsession is harmful. You have to have a social life to find those men who are waiting for a woman like you. Don’t compromise with your social life.

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All work and no play won’t take you anywhere. You will be sending wrong signals that you can’t spare time for anything else or you are not interested in a relationship. That will definitely drive people away from you.

Men can understand when your career stops you from commitment. They would not want to get involved with someone who is fully invested in her career.

Balance your life, and find time to meet new people. Socializing will affect you positively and relax your mind. You will be more at ease having fun. You will appear as a lively and fun loving individual rather than uptight which workaholics usually are.

Understand the difference between your career being your sole object of concentration and focusing on your career.

If career is the only focus in your life, you can hardly expect men come near you. They would only want to woo you when they know you are ready to take note on anything else. Work hard and achieve your career targets, but also live your life. Do the things you like. You can get involved in charity, join a club of your interest or hang around with your BFFs.

The women who are focused on their career and wanted to have a family by a particular age but couldn’t, don’t need to be depressed.  They are more likely to find the men of their choice, and they will.

Don’t quit.

Stay the course.

A woman who lives to follow her dreams is the most attractive woman.

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