Ben Brychta

Benedict Brychta is an MBA student and a passionate blogger from San Jose, CA. He loves to share his opinion on different things happening in the spheres of motivation, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. You can contact Ben via Twitter.

Why you Should Ignore Everybody and Follow Your Dreams

If you are in a situation where people are telling you to stop being silly and forget about your dreams, here are a few reasons why I think you should ignore them all:

6 symptoms your love is dying

Love is a choice. And so is leaving yourself wide open to be hurt. It just isn’t a very good one. So today, let’s explore some of the signs that the love is gone.

The Introvert’s Guide to Making Friends – Mind Talk

As a fellow introvert, I know how it feels. In a world where the majority are extroverts, making friends isn’t an easy task for us. Not that there is anything wrong with us, but most of the people expect a kind of behaviour during social situations that isn’t our forte. We aren’t the most talkative, neither the life of the party, but we still like the company and wish to interact like anybody else... Read more