12 Signs Your Body Mind Soul Connection Is Going Through A Recalibration


Body Mind Soul Connection: 12 Signs Of The Perfect Alignment

Is your body mind soul connection going through a transformation? We all are in midst of a cosmic recalibration process and the impact is beyond your imagination!

Recalibration in this context, refers to an internal change that affects your mind body and soul connection.

With the energy of cosmic waves of light passing through and around our planet, we are experiencing the activation of cellular remodeling or a quantum makeover.

As we transition from a third-dimensional, linear life to a hyperdimensional one, where time is quantum, we may experience a timeframe that goes faster or slower.

This rare opportunity to progress and release Karma and balance of mind body and soul is accompanied by high bursts of tremendous creative energy and profound lows of foggy thinking, physical exhaustion, hazy short-term memory, and emotional lows.

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12 Signs Your Body Mind Soul Connection Is Transforming

Your body mind soul connection gets stronger as your consciousness rises higher

Here are ten signs you may be experiencing a recalibration of your mind body spirit connection:

1. Your Body Is Changing

You are more susceptible to skin sensitivities and rashes from chemical-based products, unable to tolerate synthetic food the same way you used to, and suffering from odd headaches, aches, pains, colds, the flu, stomach bugs, blurry visibility, and popping and buzzing in your ears.

2. Your Mind Is Evolving

You learn to expand and enrich your life. You will observe that:

  • you now avoid “news” to prevent anxiety and depression
  • you can analyze and expose too many lies and deceit in global politics
  • you recall interests from your childhood and creative outlets you once enjoyed but had forgotten about

3. You Are Getting Aware of Your Soul Imprint

Your body mind soul connection gets stronger as your consciousness rises higher

Soul imprint is your soul’s evolutionary journey through time. You are now aware that you are an eternal being living a human life.

You’re looking for ways to be quieter, and get rid of friends, colleagues, or family members who lower your vibration. You will find yourself drawn to meditation, yoga, holistic treatments, and being in nature.

4. Increased Energy Levels

When the connection of mind body and spirit strengthens, you may notice that you have more energy and feel less fatigue. This newfound energy can help you tackle the challenges of your life and achieve your goals.

5. Greater Sense of Peace

A stronger body mind soul connection can help you feel more at peace with yourself and the world around you. You may find that you experience fewer feelings of stress and anxiety.

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6. Increased Intuition

When your body, mind, and soul are aligned, you may find that you have a heightened sense of intuition. You may be able to sense things before they happen or pick up on subtle cues that others miss.

7. Improved Relationships

A strong body-mind-soul connection can help you relate to others in a more positive and meaningful way. You may find that your relationships become more fulfilling and satisfying.

8. Greater Creativity

When your mind and soul are in sync with your body, you may find that you become more creative and innovative.

You may be able to tap into your inner creativity, channel divinely guided creative ideas, and express yourself through creative and artistic outlets.

9. Increased Sense of Purpose

Balancing mind body and spirit can help you feel more connected to your purpose in life. You may find that you have a clearer sense of direction and a stronger motivation to pursue your goals.

10. Greater Resilience

When your body, mind, and soul are aligned, you may find that you are better able to cope with life’s challenges. You may have a greater capacity for resilience and bounce back more quickly from setbacks.

11. Improved Self-Awareness

A strong body-mind-soul connection can help you develop a greater sense of self-awareness. You may become more attuned to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which can help you make more intentional choices in your life.

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12. Deeper Spiritual Connection

When your body, mind, and soul are aligned, you may feel a deeper connection to your spirituality.

You may experience:

  • more positivity
  • a greater sense of awe and wonder
  • gratitude for your blessings
  • a feeling of being connected to something greater than yourself

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Wake Up and Be Conscious of the Changes

As we detach from the matrix, the holographic third dimension, flowing with rises in cosmic waves, we sense our body mind soul connection is going through a recalibration.

This process is not easy. To achieve connection to the frequency of the multiverses, love, and of universal oneness, while remaining rooted, conscious, and living in the third dimension, we must seek divine guidance and assistance.

During this challenging process of transition, meditate and pray for protection, direction, and healing.

Recalibrating our chakras to the higher frequencies of cosmic ascension is achieving the trinity, the harmonious balancing of intellect, body, and soul. From root to crown, we seek alignment.

In this demanding stage of expansion, take care of yourself, reduce your karmic burdens through upgrades and meditation, and alter your contextual perspective.

The capitalist matrix demands that you work nonstop, compete, feel inferior, and then compete some more. This does not promote self-care or spiritual growth.

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Your body mind soul connection gets stronger as your consciousness rises higher

Watch this video to know about cultivating your soul imprint and recalibrating your mind:

10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Re-Calibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
Signs You Are Experiencing A Re Calibration pin
Signs Experiencing Recalibration Of Your Mind Body Soul System pin
Experiencing Recalibration Of Your Mind Body Soul System
mind body spirit connection
balance of mind body and soul

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    Thanks Cynthia, I finished going through it all at age 29 in the year 2000.i first started in 1974 but no one was aware of who I was, all I wanted was to live among people on earth and reseave love. Now I am forgotten in my day to day life, silly thing is first you believe in Santa then you don’t and holy moly you turn out to be if you are blessed to have a child. If you are familiar with the Holy Bible you will understand who I Am & that I have defeated Lucifer twice now, lucky for the earth and heavens it was only the best of three. Welcome to the golden age Cynthia, I am a Aquarius ♒ & came here on the 22/01/1971 at 4.37am.my whole live memory’s is in the good book so in saying that the living book is completing in ever nanosecond to profection, it was all in the timing on the 7/07/1977 I started counting and never stopped so every birth star is accounted for and maped. It is over for all time and yet to begin ,we all made it earth well done Heliujah and AMEN FOR THE AMAN. love always Bradls xxoo.

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