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10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

Signs You Are Experiencing A Re Calibration

For those unfamiliar, the term recalibration involves an internal change. Here are signs you are experiencing a recalibration of your mind-body-soul. This change affects your inner self.

Cosmic waves of light energy passing through and around our planet have prompted this activation of cellular remodeling or quantum makeover.

She is boosting her frequencies and recalibrating as well. This procedure has begun and is being watched. We are being directed, safeguarded, and healed as a planet and as people.

It is difficult and demanding to make the switch from third-dimensional existence to multidimensional living. High bursts of tremendous creative energy are followed by profound lows of foggy thinking, physical exhaustion, hazy short-term memory, and emotional lows.

10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

We could experience internal turmoil and feel as though we are being pushed in several ways. We could be more conscious of the control plays going on around us. We could be able to see through people’s falsehoods and manipulations in a manner that we haven’t before.

This may make us feel ill, exhausted, and restless in addition to being confused and upset. We need to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and eat healthily while our bodies adjust.

We are transitioning from a third-dimensional, linear life to a hyperdimensional one where time is quantum. We shall concurrently exist in the past, present, and future. The fifth dimension is this. full of harmony, fluidity, love, and plenty.

We switch between the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions as we transition. Our dreams provide our spirit the opportunity to break away from the third-dimensional body’s thick vibrations while we sleep.

We may experience a timeframe that will go faster or slower. This cosmic phenomenon is extraordinary and unusual; a rare chance to progress and release karma and balance of mind body and soul.

10 signs you are experiencing a recalibration of your mind-body-soul system

Your body is changing: body recalibration

1. You are more susceptible to skin sensitivities and rashes from chemical-based products.

2. You are unable to accept synthetic food the same way you formerly could.

3. You suffer from odd headaches, aches, pains, colds, the flu, stomach bugs, blurry visibility, and popping and buzzing in your ears.

Your mind is evolving: mental calibration

4. You learn to avoid “news” in an attempt to prevent the anxiety and depression it causes. 

5. You have exposed too many lies and deceit in global politics. 

6. You recall interests from your childhood and creative outlets you once enjoyed but had forgotten about. 

Your soul imprint is evolving: soul recalibration

7. You’re looking for ways to be quieter. 

8. You are in the process of getting rid of friends, colleagues, or family members who lower your vibration. 

9. You find yourself drawn to meditation, yoga, holistic treatments, and being in nature, in a way you’ve never experienced before.

10. You are conscious of changes in how you perceive time.

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As we detach from the matrix, the holographic third dimension, flowing with rises in cosmic waves, we sense this mind body spirit recalibration system, and it’s not easy. Many people are restricting their diet by eliminating wheat, gluten, meat, and dairy items. This is evidenced by the trend toward organic, non-GMO food. 

A movement of waking to the toxins of the matrix is also visible in the battle to halt Monsanto. More people are becoming aware of and fighting against the food weapon agenda.

The fight for independence and disengagement from the kabals’ hold and control of the third dimension is driven by alternative holistic treatments for diseases like cancer that are products of the matrix.

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Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
Recalibration of your mind-body-soul – The body mind soul connection

This is going to be a rough ride. While still existing in the matrix, we are to ascend beyond it and raise our vibration by Gaia so that we can achieve connection to the frequency of the multiverses, love, and of universal oneness while remaining rooted, conscious, and living in the third dimension. 

We are free to make our own decisions by the law of free will, we must seek guidance. There are numerous good creatures whose pasts have connections to the development of the earth.

They are ready and able to assist in relieving this challenging process of transition with our guides. During this demanding stage of expansion, use meditation and connection to pray for protection, direction, and healing.

The core of calibration is recalibrating our chakras to the higher frequencies of cosmic ascension; a trinity of the intellect, and body, and recovering your soul.

We are opening and living through the heart, projecting our real selves via the throat, activating our third eye and crown chakra, digging the root chakra, aligning our sacral chakra, energizing the solar plexus, and opening and living through the heart. From root to crown, we seek alignment. 

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The focus of the day is on taking care of oneself. Ground zero is here. 

Fighting a corrupt system that is rife with war destruction, fear, and horror as reported by the mainstream media requires increased political and economic effort from everyone. This is a difficult and dark energy to confront.

We can reduce our karmic burdens through upgrades and meditation. For many of us, this necessitates altering our contextual perspective. The capitalist matrix demands that you work nonstop, compete, feel inferior, and then compete some more. This does not promote self-care. 

10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

So how do we survive these turbulent, difficult times? I can’t provide any wise counsel. I am always reminded of a lovely gift from the family. I can’t stop giggling at Soul Tribe. My haven is at home, because of the recalibration of the mind, body, and soul system, meditation keeps me sane.

We signed up for this; either as a soul riding the karmic release waves on planet earth as its panopticon prison collapses or as a lightworker here on a cosmic and personal mission. Being alive, breathing, and in this place at this time is exceptional, historic, and fantastic! 

This is the period that you and your tribe will look back on with nostalgia when you’re lazing about in a starship lounge sipping a cosmic cocktail. This existence with its highs and lows, waves of rapid development toward liberation, singular encounters, and the genuine beauty of the planet and the human condition. 

We shall all remember this lifetime. the one for whom we expiated the karma of hundreds of lifetimes.

 This is it, friends. The big one. 

Stay hydrated, my friends. And remember that it’s happening to a lot of us. The force has awakened and the red pill has been swallowed. So, be present in the company of your family and your friends. Learn to love and be loved.

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Be calm and go with the flow, learn to meditate, and give yourself some love.

Watch out this video to know about cultivating your soul imprint and to recalibrate your mind:

Mind Body Spirit Recalibration System: Balance Of Mind Body And Soul

So are you ready to recalibrate your mind? And if you already relate to these 10 signs you are experiencing a re-calibration of your mind-body-soul system, let us know in the comments how you feel.

10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Re-Calibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
Signs You Are Experiencing A Re Calibration pin
10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

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    Thanks Cynthia, I finished going through it all at age 29 in the year 2000.i first started in 1974 but no one was aware of who I was, all I wanted was to live among people on earth and reseave love. Now I am forgotten in my day to day life, silly thing is first you believe in Santa then you don’t and holy moly you turn out to be if you are blessed to have a child. If you are familiar with the Holy Bible you will understand who I Am & that I have defeated Lucifer twice now, lucky for the earth and heavens it was only the best of three. Welcome to the golden age Cynthia, I am a Aquarius ♒ & came here on the 22/01/1971 at whole live memory’s is in the good book so in saying that the living book is completing in ever nanosecond to profection, it was all in the timing on the 7/07/1977 I started counting and never stopped so every birth star is accounted for and maped. It is over for all time and yet to begin ,we all made it earth well done Heliujah and AMEN FOR THE AMAN. love always Bradls xxoo.

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