Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Thoughts

Everything Is Energy We Control It With The Power Thoughts

Everything Is Energy! Everything begins with your thoughts and your emotions amplify it. And your actions give energy-momentum. We control energy with the power of our thoughts.

The Nobel Prize awardees in physics, beyond doubt, proved that the physical world is one big ocean of energy that materializes and dematerializes in a split second, over and over again. Nothing is solid. This is the world of quantum physics.

They proved that thoughts are responsible for holding this ever-changing energy field together in the form and shape of the objects we know.

Everything Is Energy
Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Thoughts

So why do we see a person, instead of flashing clusters of energy?

Think of a film roll. A film is a collection of about 24 frames per second. Each frame is separated from the other by a small space. Compared to the speed these frames change with, our eyes are tricked and see them as a continuous film.

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Think about television. The cathode tube is a simple tube with a bunch of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, making an illusion of shape and movement.

Anyway, this is how all objects are made.

We have five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste). Each of these senses has a specific range (for example, a dog hears a different range of sound that people do; snakes see a different spectrum of light than us, and so on). In other words, our senses perceive energy from a certain fixed point of view and that’s how they create images and form our perception.

Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Thoughts

But that’s neither exact nor complete. That’s just an INTERPRETATION.

How can we say that everything is energy and we control it with the power of thoughts?

All our interpretations are based exclusively on our “inner map” of reality, but not the real truth. Our “map” is the result of the collective experience of our personal lives.

Our thoughts are associated with this invisible energy and they determine what form it will take. They can literally change the universe “particle after particle”, creating our 3D life.

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Look around you.

Everything you see in our physical world began as an idea that kept growing until it materialized into a physical object through a series of steps.

You literally turn into your most frequent thoughts.
Your life has become what you imagined and believed in.

 Everything we do is infused with the energy
Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Thoughts

The world is literally your mirror, it allows you to experience everything you believe to be the truth in this 3D plane … until you change it.

Quantum physics tells us that the world is not a constant as it may appear to be. Instead, it is a place of constant motion in which our individual and collective thoughts keep building, tearing down, and rebuilding. It’s a perpetual mobile.

What we believe to be true is actually an illusion, almost magic.

Fortunately, we started to expose the illusion, and, most importantly, we are learning how to change it.

Watch this video to know how to use quantum physics to make your dreams your reality:

Here’s a simple explanation.

What are the components of our body?

The human body is comprised of nine systems, including the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary systems.

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What makes these systems?

-Tissues and organs.

What are tissues and organs made of?


What makes the cells?

– Molecules.

What makes a molecule?

– Atoms.

What makes an atom?

– Sub-atomic particles.

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  1. Avatar of Nicholas Policarpio
    Nicholas Policarpio

    Very inspiring – love quantum theories applied to manifestation.
    Thanks for this.

  2. Avatar of James

    Things looked perfect from the outside! This is typical of the claims made for these new sciences. However on closer examination most of them simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. For example if all matter is the product of our concious thoughts how come we are full of self limiting beliefs and nature and is so beautifully complex and interwoven and the universe is limitless? Are we really the intelligent creator of our world? That is not in accordance with the reality of our lives where so many seek refuge from their thoughts in all forms of escapism!

  3. Avatar of James

    The sub atomic particle finds its expression in a wave, an energy. All matter is a form of energy. The human body being matter is also a form of energy. Our conscious mind shapes and mods our bodies. Top athletes are those who have strong as flexible minds that enable their bodies meet the challenge drafting them.

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