What kind of Energy do you have? – Mind Game

What kind of Energy do you have ? - Mind Game

What kind of Energy do you have?

Our bodies are ruled by a Life Energy that we present to the World. Which Energy inhabits within you?



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19 thoughts on “What kind of Energy do you have? – Mind Game”

  1. You have Healing Energy! You possess the power to heal yourself and others in vastly different ways; emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to you and you never underestimate the impact that a psyche can have on a person’s physical well being. If we’re going to get through this life in one piece, we need to take care of ourselves beyond the typical nutrition and exercise, right? Therefore, this type of energy labels you as the guru of internal peace and clarity. Other people come to you to discuss their problems, close their open wounds, and to possibly make sense of the explainable things that happen to us. You believe that we can always bounce back from what knocks us down, coming back and healing to a state of being stronger than before.

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