Every Person We Meet In Our Lives Is A Mirror. Here’s What They Teach Us.

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Every Person We Meet In Our Lives Is A Mirror. Here's What They Teach Us.


All through our lives, we meet people; some are there to stay with us forever while some part ways. But all of them bear significances in our lives. Human beings we meet in our lives are mirrors of what we are. How?

Just take a deep breath. While inhaling, think about all the people you have come across. Now exhale, thinking of the emotions adhered to these people.

What was your experience? You experienced both positive and negative set of emotions, right? You might have felt happy or secured or confident with some and grief, sorrow, pain with others.

You might try to ignore or reject the negative emotions but you must know that these emotions co-exist and that’s what life is all about. So, keep on judging. Judgement is crucial for our spiritual development.

The human beings we meet in our lives are reflections of our existence. We should judge these relationships which will help us understand ourselves better because they are our biggest teachers.

Accepting this, we will understand that if there is some characteristic of a person which we like, that means we have that positive trait in us too; similarly, if there is some characteristic in a person we don’t like, that means we have that characteristic in us too but we don’t wish to possess that.

To help you understand this better, we have chalked down a list of negative traits and their positive meanings to help you comprehend the world, better!


(1) Anger:

You need to see the world more because there are a lot of good things happening elsewhere too. Embrace that positivity.


(2) Grief:

You cannot control everything. Accept the loss and move on; give a positive side it to it.


(3) Fear:

Life is unpredictable. Enjoy the unpredictability. Get out of your comfort zone and feel the joy of adventure.


(4) Hatred:

The world is not completely bad. There are things worth loving too. Let go of the hatred. Forgive and give the complete space to love. You will feel better yourself.


(5) Irritability:

Ignore if something is bothering you. There are better things in life. Focus on these positive aspects.


(6) Jealousy:

Respect yourself and the situation you are in. Don’t waste time in asking why others have achieved something greater than you. Focus on yourself.


(7) Guilt:

To err is human. But you should accept and learn from your mistakes too. This acceptance will take you closer to the ultimate truth.


(8) Blame:

Take the responsibility of the world. You might not be directly associated with the problem but taking its responsibility will make you stronger.


(9) Shame:

We all have dark sides. Accept it and find the positive in it.


Our spiritual development is of primary importance to us. Churning the negative into positive and perceiving other people as teachers evolve us spiritually.


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