10 Signs You Are An ENTP Personality Type

Signs ENTP Personality Type

ENTP is the four-letter code of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The ENTP (The Visionary) personality type involves the traits, Extraverted (E), iNtuitive (N), Thinking (T), Perceiving (P). They are intelligent and curious people who always push themselves to look for solutions to intellectual problems.

Unorthodox and open-minded, they think about and analyze every little thing, and are good at influencing people.

What does ENTP mean?

People with the ENTP personality type are outgoing and love mingling with a lot of people (Extraverted), give more importance to concepts and ideas rather than details and facts (iNtuitive), are driven by reason and logic (Thinking), and are more flexible and spontaneous than organized and planned (Perceiving).

ENTPs are popularly known as The Visionary due to their passion and drive for new, unique and out of the box ideas.

10 Signs You Are An ENTP Personality Type

Signs ENTP Personality Type info
10 Signs You Are An ENTP Personality Type

1. Charming and confident.

ENTPs are famous for their confidence and charisma, and you will hardly find anyone who can compete with these virtues of theirs. Their intelligence and quick thinking coupled with their charm have always reaped amazing results, no matter where they go.

Informative, smart, and charismatic, they know how to influence people into seeing their vision and going along with it. And the good thing is that they never use their talents to dupe or manipulate others; they always have genuinely good ideas which end up being mind-blowing in the long run.

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2. Effervescent and always raring to go.

The energy and enthusiasm that an ENTP has are always unmatched and unparalleled. When they set their minds and hearts to something, they are willing to give it their all. They will put in whole days and whole nights to make their vision a reality.

ENTPs are always high on energy, and most of the time this infectious ends up rubbing off on people around them. They are truly fun and positive to be with!

3. Insensitive and emotionally closed-off.

The ENTP personality type is always very rational and analytical, and even though this is a positive trait to have, sometimes this very same thing ends up being a bane for them. Because they are so rational all the time, they fail to take into consideration the emotions and feelings of other people.

ENTPs are always so focused on rationality and practical points that they dismiss anything that is emotionally driven. In debates, they never consider emotional viewpoints to be acceptable and valid, and this ends up rubbing people the wrong way, even hurting them at times.

4. Belligerent and too defensive.

ENTPs love debating, and they almost never back down; for them debating and sparring with ideas is a sacred thing and one that they take very seriously. But sometimes, they get so caught up in their beliefs and ideas, that they straight-out refuse to consider a different opinion, even if it makes sense.

Excessively argumentative, they don’t hesitate at all to tear down the other person’s ideas and beliefs just to establish their own. They will keep on arguing and fighting till the cows come home, and will refuse to accept a perspective that does not match with theirs.

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