Enneagram Personality Type Test: Which one Are You?

Enneagram Personality Type Test: Which one Are You?

The Enneagram – a famous model of human personality. 

People think, act, and behave in different ways. While some may compromise, others may argue for even petty issues. While some people fear responsibility, others crave to be leaders.  But, what motivates such behavior and traits? How to understand the different types of people and what they actually want?

Here comes the role of the Enneagram, a 9-point geometric system. This powerful tool helps us understand the typology of several interconnected personality types.

The Enneagram is a road map to understand yourself and the people around you.

Enneagram is originated from two Greek words ennéa -meaning nine and grámma – meaning something written. George Gurdjieff, highly regarded as a mystic first conceptualized the Enneagram Typology. It was further developed by Claudio Naranjo and Oscar Ichazo.

To know the basics of Enneagram personality mode, watch the video:

The 9 different points in the system represent 9 personality types, which are as follows:

  • The Reformer
  • The Helper
  • The Achiever
  • The Individualist
  • The Investigator
  • The Loyalist
  • The Enthusiast
  • The Challenger
  • The Peacemaker

All of the 9 types of Enneagram energy is present within each of us. But, we spend the majority of our psychological time in one home point, which is your dominant personality type.

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How to understand Enneagram?

The nine-pointed geometric symbol has an outer circle containing 9 numbers or personalities and the numbers are placed in a clockwise direction. You can see a triangle between the points 9,3, and 6, while other points are connected with an irregular hexagon. The circle is the symbol of the unity of human life.

Now let’s consider the personality type 9, the two types on each side that is 8 and 1 are called wings. So, if you are a pacemaker (primary type), you may also carry some traits of a  challenger and reformer.

Let say you have a personality type 1 that is reformer but you have wings of 9 that is pacemaker and 2 that is a helper. It means you want to help others, but at the same time, you may hesitate to let go of unnecessary things.

You may observe that Type 1 is connected to Type 7 (enthusiast) and Type 4 (individualist). The first line connects to the type that a person has repressed in childhood. The second line connects to the type that a person may grow into when moving towards a higher state of development.

As you can see each basic type has significant strengths and weaknesses. Hence, this dynamic model explains a personality can change under different conditions.

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How does Enneagram work to increase your self-awareness?

By understanding this 9 point system you get to understand your strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, what you desire and so on. It helps you develop clear insights into who you are and what you want to be. y ou gain an understanding of the higher self that is the soul that fosters self-love. Consequently, you’ll work more on your personality.  In short, this 9 point system is a means of transforming your lives.

You may meet different personality types in your life like the challenger or pacemaker or the achiever. By understanding Enneagram, you can decode why people behave in a certain way. Thus, in any given situation, you are less likely to misunderstand them.

In fact, you may feel empathetic and find ways to productively interact with them, irrespective of their responses and reactions. This kind of empathy helps you to become a good friend, parent, leader,  business partner, and nurture other relationships. As a result, you will enjoy abundant success and happiness in both personal and professional life.

Let’s find out Your Enneagram Personality!

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So what personality type did you get? Can you relate with the description? Do leave a comment below. And yes if you liked this test, do not forget to share it with your friends

Which Enneagram Personality Type Are You – Mind Game
Enneagram Personality Type Test: Which one Are You?

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