10 Image Inkblot Test That Will Reveal Your True Personality


Image Inkblot Test Reveal True Personality

Here’s an Inkblot Personality Test that will reveal what is really important to you in life

Did you know, that the free associations created by images help provide a direct window in the inner workings of your mind? This has been supported by Sigmund Freud, as well as his successors.

Free Association

Sigmund Freud developed the method of free association, which is used in psychoanalytic therapy to explore the unconscious mind of a person seeking therapy. Because Freud believed that all that our mind produced as an unconscious root, which can be reached by free association.

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While applying a free association method, a therapist asks a person to freely share his or her thoughts, intentions, and anything that crosses the mind. If the person’s thoughts are authentic it will help the therapist to figure out the neurotic antecedents in his patients.

It is a very simple and comforting process because the patient is asked to take a very relaxing position on a couch and then speak your heart or mind out without stressing on a particular subject or topic. You can talk about anything like your obsession with the color blue, your love for rain, deceased loved one, weight gain, loneliness, and so on. The objective is – free-flowing of thoughts without any voluntary intervention or censorship of thoughts by a critical mind on moral or ethical ground.

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In short, this free association method replaces the method of hypnosis. Unlike other methods, the free association method does not require the therapist to prompt anything. Instead, people have the freedom to share anything and examine their thoughts.

Also, this method overcomes the three common issues in therapy, which are Transference, Projection, and Resistance. Transference is the process of transferring the feelings of a person (that he or she has for someone) to a different person. If an individual’s qualities are projected onto someone else then it is called projection. And the process of blocking out certain memories or thoughts or feelings is called blocking.

Based on the theory of psychic determinism, the free association method is known to be the golden rule of psychoanalytic therapy.

What is the result of the free association talk?

The therapist analyses all the thoughts shared by the free association method and figures out if there are any repetitive topics. Repetitions are indicative of psychic complexes of emotional charge. These complexes are unconscious which appear on the surface of the conscious mind as a result of the verbal associations and psychoanalysis so that it can be integrated into the person’s life.

They are autonomously activated by chance verbal associations and influence conscious psychic life in a frequently dramatic manner. The task of psychoanalysis is to bring such complexes to the surface of the conscious mind, and integrate them into the patient’s life.

The short Inkblot Personality Test below will reveal what is really important to you in life deep down and will help determine your emotional state of mind.

The Inkblot test will take you a minute or two but will help reveal lifelong secrets hidden in your mind.

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