What Is Your Enneagram Instinctual Variant- Social, Sexual or Self-preserved? QUIZ

What Is Your Enneagram Instinctual QUIZ

This exciting Enneagram instinctual variant test can help you find out whether you are self-preserved, social, or sexual.

What is the Enneagram instinctual variant?

The Enneagram system can be explained as a personality typing system that comprises different types. The Enneagram includes 3 different centers of intelligence, namely –

  • Mental center (ideas, plans, and language)
  • Emotional center (feelings, compassion, and empathy)
  • Body center (self-preservation, social and sexual instincts)

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Peter O’Hanrahan of The Enneagram at Work says “This primary instinct interacts with our Enneagram type to create a “subtype.” So for each of the nine Enneagram types, there are three important subtype variations. Our path in life is shaped by both personality type and subtype.” He adds “At the meeting of spiritual archetype and biological instinct, the Enneagram subtypes help us identify our path in life.”

Take this free test to know about your Enneagram instinctual variant.

The 3 Instincts

According to the Enneagram theory, we have three basic instincts or drives which regulate us and are considered to be crucial for our survival needs. It is believed that these are so important that these instincts can control our desires by seeping into our unconscious.

Our instinctual center refers to the center of intelligence based on our bodies. The major focus of this center is “to be ‘in our bodies’ to have a healthy flow of the life force moving through us.”

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There are 3 main instinctual drives according to the Enneagram. These include –

1. Self-preservation instinct

This particular instinct regulates our basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, security, and relationships.

2. Social instinct

This specific instinct manages ours needs to belong and to be accepted by our family, tribe, and community.

3. Sexual instinct

Also known as the one to one instinct, it regulates our needs for intimate relationships, sexuality, and the “vitality of the life force within our bodies.”

So how can you know which variant is most dominant in you? This simple Enneagram instinctual variant test can help you figure out from your self-preservation, sexual and social instincts.

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Take this quiz

This Enneagram instinctual variant test is developed especially to help you understand what your most prominent drive is. Simply answer a few questions related to your personality and preferences with an open heart to get the most accurate result.

But keep in mind, the result of this Enneagram instinctual variant test may not be definitive. It is best to use it as a guideline to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

So go ahead and get started. You will be surprised by how accurate our answers can be.

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