10 Reasons To Embrace Change For Personal Growth

Embrace Change For Personal Growth

Why to embrace the change? Embracing the change for inner healing and personal growth isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work and there are obstacles to overcome. But there’s a reason the self-improvement market is a nine point six billion dollar industry. Billion!

What makes people spend that kind of money?

They have a personal reason to embrace the change they want.


I was in a bad place when I embraced the change for personal growth—again. I’d already grown a lot personally from writing and publishing my first book but inside me was a “now what?” that left me feeling empty.

embrace the change

I felt guilty for feeling bad because my life was good. I had lots of reasons to be happy but somehow I wasn’t.

What I needed was a reason to embrace the change to grow again. To do this I looked at all the benefits, or side-effects, to personal growth.

Within the benefits to personal growth is a reason to embrace the change.

Here are 10 reasons to embrace the change for personal growth:

ONE – Know and Respect Yourself

disrespect yourself

On the journey of personal growth, you have to look at yourself. When you start looking at yourself honestly you discover things about yourself you didn’t know. You intentionally listen to your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires, etc. for the purpose of understanding and learning.

Some call this self-awareness. Many balk at the term, but it just means being aware of yourself. The more you get to know who you really are you increasingly become more of your true self and develop self-respect.

TWO – Gain Vision & Purpose

Personal growth causes improved focus and effectiveness. It makes you look at things you hadn’t noticed before. You see things. How far you’ve come, how far you have to go and how much you can help others.

You see and appreciate your value and potential. You discard what is not authentically you. A clarity of who you are and what you are passionate about will emerge. Knowing what you are passionate about will spark a calling in your heart. This calling will lead you to walk out your purpose.

THREE – Foster Happiness & Inner Peace

You’ll be happier. Personal growth and intentional change are closely linked to happiness because they deal with issues of the heart. Things like acceptance, openness, emotional well-being, trust and more. With every step toward your well-being, you’ll feel an inner satisfaction.

Dealing with stressors and difficulties constructively reduces anxiety and increases overall health. Accepting your authentic self, while working on being the best version of yourself brings peace. Knowing you are not perfect yet being at peace with yourself gives a special kind of happiness.

FOUR – Develop Beneficial Attitudes & Mindset

Our minds can be an unruly place. Like a dirty diaper, they need to be changed often. This reason is so important because the mind operates so many parts of our lives. Personal growth in the mind develops good belief systems and positive attitudes.

You become the master of your mind instead of its slave. Developing a growth mindset is empowering. Mindsets form attitudes and attitudes drive our lives.

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FIVE – Build Resiliency

Life can be hard. Awful things happen. Change occurs at times without your permission. The skills learned through personal growth are useful in everyday difficulties and unplanned tragedies.

Having the skills available when needed provides you the ability to build resiliency or bounce back instead of being crushed when life throws those lemons (or rocks).

SIX – Create Greater Confidence

Knowing who you are and what you can do gives you a sureness. You recognize your personal power and can employ all your inner resources with intention.

Personal growth makes you braver. It empowers you with courage to face the fears that come knocking on your door.

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SEVEN – Build Versatility

The frequent changes of personal growth build adaptability in you. This ability to adapt will serve you well in new situations, jobs or tasks. When something unexpected occurs you will be less likely to freak out.

EIGHT – Become Emotionally and Mentally Stronger

Developing resilience, versatility and confidence give you strength. Practicing each new skill is like exercising a muscle. Every time you tap into those new qualities within you to overcome a challenge you become stronger both mentally and emotionally.

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NINE – Have Healthier Relationships

Relationships with others and relationship with yourself both benefit from personal growth. As you learn your value, you learn the value of others. You take note of what relationships are beneficial and you invest in them.

You build others up. You exercise proper self-care by confronting or separating from relationships that are negative or harmful.

TEN – Enjoy Adventure & Excitement


The journey of personal growth is full of new things. New opportunities, choices, people, places, things, thoughts, and the list goes on. A beneficial mindset will transform any fears of change into challenges to overcome or adventures to embark on.

This makes the journey exciting. Adventure and excitement help you enjoy your life.


There are many more reasons than these but they can get you started. And a bonus you’ll gain by investing in your personal growth is a hunger to continue to grow.

When you get a taste of knowing what you want to achieve it motivates you. With the progress of personal growth, a cascade or snowball effect begins. One positive change causes another one, and another, and so on.

Seeing what you can become inspires you and once you’ve handled continuous change you come to desire it.

Written by: Danielle Bernock
Originally appeared on: Daniellebernock.com

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