An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

Educated Empath Sociopath Worst Nightmare

It’s a very common and inaccurate misconception that narcissists and sociopaths are smarter and way more intelligent than empaths. On the contrary, it’s the empaths who are intellectually way superior to them. And this is exactly what makes them a sociopath’s worst nightmare.

It is simply because empaths are innovative, creative, have an abstract way of thinking, and most importantly are always grounded in reality. Unsurprisingly, sociopaths and narcissists lack all these qualities and little do they know that empaths have the smarts and intellect to manipulate them more than they could ever fathom.

It’s just that empaths would never do that, because they are not built that way, and they know that just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.

Empaths never try to exploit or control sociopaths, because they have strong values, morals, and ethics. Most importantly, they don’t believe in hurting other people for fun, or because they don’t feel good about themselves on the inside.

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Expecting an empath to behave like their abuser is not the right approach, but it is important for them to protect themselves by using their creativity and thinking of non-toxic and non-violent tricks to counter a sociopath. Empaths should come up with plans that will force a sociopath to stay miles away from them.

Trying to stay away from toxic and manipulative people shouldn’t cause any kind of guilt, rather it’s a form of healthy behavior, also known as self-care.

If you have ever been a target, or if you still are, then always remember that you are way more intelligent than the sociopath, because you know what the reality is. And that is a BIG advantage for you, so use it wisely. Honestly, anyone who tries to play smart with an enlightened empath is an absolute fool!

Want to know more about why an educated empath is a sociopath’s worst nightmare? Check this video out below!

An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare
Educated Empath Sociopath Worst Nightmare pin

85 thoughts on “An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. Avatar of Gray

    I don’t believe there’s such a thing as an “empath” in the way it is frequently marketed (yes, marketed). I think some of us came out of a bad childhood with skills that most of humanity doesn’t possess, but could learn under the right circumstances and conditions. This means our strategy for surviving in a chaotic home was to tune into other people’s needs and be able to read them in order to predict their reactions and protect ourselves.

    That being said, I DO have an uncanny ability to see right through a person’s bullshit and “read their energy” so to speak, which is just another way of saying that I’m good with nuance and reading the “emotional content” of someone’s words and behavior. It’s not magic or supernatural by any means.

    So this skill enables us “empaths” to destroy anyone we want to. And used against the right people like narcissistic selfish jerks, this works heavily in our favor. There’s a caveat to this though: you must have boundaries and retain your ability to “read” another person without actually entering their “energetic bubble”. It’s possible, I’ve done it: I no longer absorb their emotions, I just observe and acknowledge without reacting. And I no longer invade another’s privacy by taking a stroll down their internal landscape, looking for information that might help me survive against their attacks. Because I’m no longer scared and no longer trying to survive.

    1. Avatar of Laura

      Hi, I have no idea how old this is it if you’ll see this even if it’s current.. I am so glad to hear you say “marketed” It’s totally is, and it’s total crap. If someone identifies as a “good person” chances are they’re a pretty crappy human. Good people don’t have to talk about or process or endure their goodness. Being labeled an empath is just as shallow and silly as being labeled a socio path. I ask, so what, what now?
      I am in total agreement with this comment, I believe there is such a thing as an empath, when I was a kid it was called “indigo child” I totally fit the mold., but who cares, what will you do with it?
      Play victim, yuck, no thanks. It is tiring to feel so much all the time, but the alternative sounds way worse. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit:-) I do love checking in on psychopath blogs to be reminded of how empty yet important they are to each other.

  2. Avatar of Bill Murray

    the simplest explanation of all is purely logical math
    something that is logic to everyone need not be kept a secret
    logic is logic because fear is not in the formula
    it is math because it is self evident

  3. Avatar of Russ Fritsch

    Well I used it to my advantage once.Lazy narcissistic jerk at my work had it coming. I always did the work when the boss wasn’t around. He did nothing. When the boss showed up he was always,”I did this I did that”.

  4. Avatar of Mark Gruber

    Being a shallow user is its own punishment. As we see in many politicians, they might achieve power and wealth while being narcissistic and sociopathic, but at what cost? Constant need for approval, multiple failed relationships, and being surrounded by sycophants rather than true friends. Having empathy is smart and it pays on a deeper level.

  5. Avatar of AngelMyne

    The concept is great, but the article is worthless. It contains nothing more than the title. A great article gives examples, gos into depth, and teaches people or weaponizes them against the bad out there. So this article does none of that… what’s the point of incomplete thoughts like this?

  6. Avatar of Anita Dedo-Waino

    One can “see” and feel these types and boy, do they know it. They are uncomfortable around empaths and fear they are exposed for all to see and then what? No conniving, manipulating, and what is that?

  7. Avatar of Lynette Grant

    So true …i have had to do this manipulation to rid myself of toxic people who have no idea what the are doing. They do live in a different world that has no respect or interest in others. Thank you for the reminder that we can do something

  8. Avatar of Darren Webb

    Dont retaliate and lower yourself to there way of doing things, just stay away from these people. Life is to short for playing mind games. Silence is the best answer to a sociopath/narcissist…

  9. Avatar of Jennifer Anne Woods

    This is one way of looking at it. When I was married, I knew the only way I could go to the store was to follow a whole winding path to get there. I had to plan a whole course of action, including lead-ups, and knew just the right things to say, do, or ask to get there. It always felt like manipulation and I hated it. I didn’t feel guilty. I was just wasting a whole lot of time doing things that were counter to my personality and desire. I strongly suspect now that it gave him pleasure, getting me to act counter to my character. It’s vindication and “proof” to them that everyone is like them, deep down. Well, I’m not, and I refuse to give them that satisfaction.

    So, for me, I’ll manipulate in order to save my life, and have done, but anything short of that dire circumstance, I will just take it straight, as though I’m dealing with normal human beings. If they prove not to be, and try to play games, or stir up drama, I don’t have to stay in that situation. Took me years to get to this point. I will not play their games. The fact that I’ve learned to deal with a narcissist doesn’t mean I’m obliged to in most circumstances.

  10. Avatar of Janine Stranger

    hahaha… of course… there is no need to control or dominate… nothing can overcome a non-resistant person – this would only surprise the sociopaths and narcissists… but they rarely notice… because they are too busy admiring themselves

  11. Avatar of Lynn Archer

    Not all narcissists and sociopaths “target” people.
    Isn’t there good traits with every personality?
    As an empath I envy the confidence narcissists have, and I envy how sociopaths and psychopaths try to overcome lack of emotion by showing emotion when appropriate. One of the best things I learned was from a sociopath and that was love isn’t a feeling it’s an action. You love with what you do not with your feelings.

    1. Avatar of Carol Allred

      Yes, they DO all target people. They don’t target everyone for “special” treatment, but they are manipulative by nature and are therefore manipulative with everyone. What you mistake for “confidence” is actually a grandiose world view coupled with a high sense of entitlement – it is NOT healthy self-esteem. What you call “showing emotion” is of course faked, and that is not to be envied because it is always manipulative. They don’t have an authentic persona, so they are one big lie. Any good traits they may seem to have are faked and used for manipulation. If you are part of their fan club, you will likely be treated well until you decide to disagree with them.

    2. Avatar of Lynn Archer

      Agree to disagree. I’ve known many narcissists sociopaths and psychopaths and they’re literally just living the best they can.
      I don’t think it’s fair to compare them to a pedophile. “Normal people” are just as capable of doing heinous crimes as well.

    3. Avatar of Carol Allred

      You need to get educated. They have a thinking disorder that causes them to be abusive and manipulative. They cannot be cured. Perhaps you are a troll or a narcissist yourself, because no one who has encountered a narcissist would say such a thing. I belong to several victim support groups and the stories are all similar. They repeat their manipulative behaviors over and over and never stop.

    4. Avatar of Anita Dedo-Waino

      It’s not confidence they possess and there is nothing admirable about someone who lacks compassion and empathy for others. You admire these traits? You, my dear, are the perfect target and you have been had.

    5. Avatar of Lynn Archer

      I am educated. Although it’s hilarious on social media that seems to be the first attack. I know there are downsides to all personality disorders, like being an empath isn’t all good either. What I’m saying is it’s not all bad and there is certain beauties within their disorders and although they cannot be cured maybe the problem is that they are lumped together as criminals and bad people when in fact their personality disorders could be a complete evolutionary advantage. Apparently I’m not educated because I see a purpose in it and beauty where others see negativity. Please don’t attack me because I’m trying to shed light on a different perspective. I have ran across people who abuse others, I have been abused as well, but I’m not going to say the only people who abuse are narcissists and sociopaths, nor am I going to say that narcissists and sociopaths are all good. Everyone has a darkside

    6. Avatar of Carol Allred

      Empath is not a personality disorder! You are right, not all abusers are narcissists and sociopaths, BUT all narcissists and sociopaths ARE abusers. What you are spouting about evolutionary advantage has no basis in fact and is only an opinion, and not a very educated one. A disorder is not an evolutionary advantage. It is impossible for there to be beauty in a soul that cannot be authentic, because there is nothing there except lies. It is possible that everyone has a dark side, but not everyone is disordered. Please do more research on the Cluster B’s.

    7. Avatar of Lynn Archer

      Actually sociopaths can feel with certain people. They grow attached to people. Also narcissists are more likely to go outside of comfort zones making them the most common people in management positions.
      As an empath it is a disorder…the second I go out in public I feel EVERYTHING. I can’t even go out around holidays because there’s to much feeling. Of course you’ll argue that’s an evolutionary advantage probably. Empathy can be just as bad as these groups we can manipulate people based off what we know they’re feeling.
      You don’t think it’s an evolutionary advantage to have selected feelings but be able to mimic others feelings almost perfectly? To fake confidence so well people literally don’t know any better? The only difference between us and them is they use psychological signs to manipulate and we actually know what people are feeling. They’re bad and we’re good…ok…
      Again agree to disagree. I’m not trying to save them I’m simply saying this article is trash, 1) it doesn’t say what our advantage really is 2) it uses blanket terms to identify groups of people.

    8. Avatar of Lynn Archer

      Also my level of education is psychology. Not only have I studied these groups in books and articles like everyone else on here, but I’ve known them and studied them in person on a scientific and on personal levels. Not all of them are abusers, also not all of them are born that way either some people become narcissistic…which can happen to anyone even an empath. But it’s cool I’ll do more research because obviously your life bubble of “I’m better than them” knows way more than me.

    9. Avatar of Carol Allred

      There are many theories of how people become narcissists, nature v nurture, a traumatic event, chronic trauma, etc. No one really knows and much more research needs to be done. Narcissists are master manipulators who often fool therapists and other mental health professionals, so just because someone has education in psychology doesn’t mean they are trained in NPD. Victims often know more than the mental health professionals they seek help from, although that situation is improving. Empaths do NOT become narcissists. Empaths and other victims can get “narc fleas,” but that is not the same as being a narcissist. A person can work through narc fleas and move on, but a narcissist cannot or will not change.

    10. Avatar of Lynn Archer

      What studies prove that they are 100% incapable of changing? Anyone can change. If it can be caused research shows that it can be healed there’s just no way to heal someone who doesn’t want to be healed or who doesn’t show they’re broken. Being around these people in a non scientific environment is key to improving research first off. Second if it is not an evolutionary advantage why would it happen after dramatic events or if you’re never shown what an emotion is can you really feel it to begin with? And I stick by what I said about empaths being able to become narcissistic or sociopaths, I’ve met many who can turn their empathy on and off and I assume eventually you can learn to keep it off and ultimately care less about people. Although there is no documentation because let’s face it typically sociopaths and such are excellent at hiding from detection from even the best of psychologists.

    11. Avatar of Lou Crim

      I think it is safe to say that Carol Allred wins the Facebook Advocate Award. Unfortunately, it is just a picture but I send it with great appreciation. Thank you for expending energy and time to lay truth down. Thank you for standing up for the EmpathHomies in the room. Thank you for pushing back on the delusion that Empaths are weak. For as we all know, without the Empath the narcissist/sociopath would be lost. I digress…THANK YOU.

    12. Avatar of Carol Allred

      There are no studies showing they can’t change, but there are also no changed narcissists. My personal belief is that they can change but they choose not to, although I’m not tied to that idea. While I’m conjecturing, if your theory about empaths changing into narcissists is possible, I wonder if it might actually be empaths who are so traumatized at an early age that they aren’t able to bear it and simply turn off all emotions, becoming narcissists. Kind of far fetched, but idk. Even so, empaths can self-reflect, so I don’t see how they can be narcissists. Yes, it’s hard to research narcissists because they are loathe to admit imperfections. Maybe we need to entice them into the lab by saying we want to research highly evolved brains. That ought to bring them in by droves.

    13. Avatar of Anita Dedo-Waino

      LA: you have the same argument that “educated people” have regarding homosexuality. If they would just be open to treatment, they could become heterosexual. If only they wanted to. There is a lot of gray areas out there, but some are black and white and no amount of psychology (from a junior college) is going to mix it all together to become gray. Careful with your trusting all people can change attitude, as I said, you are the perfect target. This is not an ‘attack,’ which says much in that alone. When you have walked this planet a little longer, you’re outlook will change, if just for survival. With age, really does come come wisdom, at least for most, the rest just pass themselves off as wise. Know the difference.

    14. Avatar of Lou Crim

      The ideas that a narcissist would change is contracdictory. The bottomline is that they believe that they are perfect and infallible. You are literally arguing that a rock can turn to paper if it wants but rock never wanted to be paper. Not sure why you hold this torch for reform but narcissist do not have the sand to face themselves. Empaths do and will. We stand in the understanding that you cannot be good to everyone. Literally, most people do no understand real goodness/kindness. You have to treat people how the are….not how YOU like to be treated. Which makes us different. We are the flexible oak that will sway with the wind so that our branches will grow long and that our roots will go deep. Which is why the narcissist needs us. They cannot function on their own but they do not have the maturity to face the fact that they are dependent. Or even adjust to real life situations. Why is this so complicated to accept?

    15. Avatar of Carol Allred

      The big irony is that they are empty shells of people (no authentic persona and little ability to feel emotions except for anger and envy) who turn their victims into…empty shells of their former selves. Really crazy stuff.

    16. Avatar of Lynn Archer

      I don’t think everyone can change, but I do believe there’s a possibility of undoing something that was created. It’s not that they don’t have capacity to be normal it’s that something turned it off. The truck is finding the switch. Again agree to disagree

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