8 Disadvantages Of Being An Introvert

disadvantages of being an introvert

Are there any disadvantages associated with being an introvert? Introverts are oftentimes misunderstood by so many of us, and the reason being their inability to express themselves as demonstratively as other people can.

They love to be engrossed in the little imaginary land that they have created in their minds. But excuse us, we are not unaware of what is happening in our surroundings. We are very much observant, aware, and adept at absorbing the energies around us. 

Sadly, some of our innate qualities make it difficult for us to ‘trend’ as much as the extroverts. There are so many strong points about being an introvert. Equally, there are numerous disadvantages of being an introvert, which one has to always carry with oneself. 

Here are 8 of the disadvantages of being an introvert (which we are not quite sad about though):

1. Introverts often get tagged as a ‘snob’.

This one is far from being true though.

Introverts will seldom return back your smile, as you pass one to them, just like that. Not that they don’t smile. Crack an intellectual joke and you will catch them laughing their lungs out! 

Introverts are never good with small talks or getting along with a stranger with smiles and flattery. Being out-going, flirtatious with others is just not their thing. Keeping up with social etiquette also becomes difficult for them at times. Again, because they have to speak. ‘Thank you’, ‘welcome’, ‘see you again’ – all these do not naturally come to them. 

This does not make them snobbish. In fact, they are very considerate beings. This is just because they find it extremely difficult to express anything that they might be playing in their minds.

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2. Introverts have a hard time finding a date.

Who do you think takes away the cherry on the cake? 

The ones who are outgoing, flamboyant and uninhibited in demonstrating one’s emotions, the one who wears his/her feelings on one’s sleeves. 

Introverts sadly get fewer dates than they deserve only as they do not come off as “too humorous”, “too interesting” or “too attractive” to most people.

being an introvert semi clingy
being an introvert

3. Introverts’ capacities at work are often downplayed.

Introverts do not get the deserving credits at work as much as they should get. The reason is simply that they do not explicitly own up their hard work. 

Suppose in a group project, they have contributed their part, have worked hard but are not expressive enough to put themselves in the limelight for their part. They are least likely to complain about how difficult it was for them to manage the project. 

4. Introverts are least likely to be chosen as leaders.

Some typical qualities of a leader are thought to be the ability to focus and communicate properly, have sound decision-making capabilities, vigor, direction, consistency, and intense passion. 

Introverts are believed to have difficulties in communication and in making good decisions. They are also thought to lack the vigor and consistency which is sort after in a leader. 

What people overlook are the essential qualities of intuition, contemplation, good listening skills, empathy, and observational abilities which are equally important characteristics of a leader which are possessed by an introvert. 

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5. Introverts struggle to stand out. 

Introverts are never showy. They will avoid every possible situation to avoid too much attention from others. They hate being attended to and this feature backfires in the shape of a disadvantage.

This mere trait of an introvert makes it hard for introverts to stand out in the crowd. 

being an introvert immersed in own company
being an introvert

6. Introverts are often tagged as indifferent and shallow.

As introverts do not react too overtly to stimuli around them so they are often thought to be shallow. Their emotions do not get so intensely manifested as other people and these make them come off as indifferent, inconsiderate, and superficial beings. 

The truth is they are far from being shallow, as they feel everything in the most profound way possible. Just their face is like that of a resting bitch.

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