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Being An Introvert: Why You Shouldn’t Try To Change Yourself

Being Introvert Shouldnt Change Yourself

Introverts have always been told that they are too quiet, too reserved, too unsocial, too nerdy, too geeky, too selective, and whatnot. It’s like being an introvert is something that should be avoided at all costs, and if you are one then you should try to change yourself to fit in with others as much as you can. But the thing is, being an introvert is never a bad thing, nor is it something you should ever try to change about yourself.

What is your first reaction when you hear a party coming up, or a client meeting, or a get-together with your partner’s friends? These incidences don’t really have anything common at first glance. Or so you think. If you are actually someone whose reaction to all three was nothing short of a ‘meh, I’ll rather be a sushi roll on my couch’ (or equivalent), hey there, this article is for you.

You are someone who would prefer a book and coffee over the frat-party. The one who’d rather smile politely than crack the sass they thought up. The one who’ll seriously prefer listening to their friend’s girlfriend’s cat’s poop-problems over sharing their own problems. The one who would try to stay away from the chaos of the party as far away as possible, and would be content and happy cuddling the dog in the corner of the room.

People (read extroverts) might call you boring, uptight, and ‘no fun’, but honestly, you don’t need to care so much about what others think of you, and how they have a tough time dealing with you just because they cannot fit you into the mold they think you should be fitted in. Cut yourself some slack! You are an individual with your own personality, opinions, needs, and wants; you don’t need to change yourself into someone else just for the sake of pacifying others.

Being an introvert or an extrovert is not a matter of who is wrong and who is right. Both these kinds of people are efficient in their selected skillset and likable in their own special way. Sure, it may seem like your loud, bubbly, extroverted friends are living the life of an adventurer: with the way they tell the funniest stories and quirky jokes. How can you not feel like all the action is there? However, you also have a lot of good things in you that extroverts might not have.

Introverts are amazing listeners, turn out to be better and loyal friends, and most of the time are the voice of reason wherever they go.

They are also the majority of the creative crowd. While extroverts live for the action, thrill, and adrenaline, for introverts, all the action is in their mind. Commonly, all the jobs involving talking to strange people, being the center of a crowd’s attention fall in the hands of an extrovert. The quiet, creative, and behind the scenes jobs that are usually the producers of the products or services that the extroverts are selling and advertising are taken up by the introverts. The ideas and the actual content come from the brains of the introverts.

This is not to say that you won’t find an introvert as the project head or an introvert celebrity; just like you will find an extrovert who is a writer or an IT engineer. It is not like you can’t speak out at all. You just choose to talk about something when you feel that you can add something constructive to the conversation. You don’t like talking to people just for the sake of talking. You know you can be highly eloquent if you just found somebody as good as a listener like yourself.

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