9 Surprising Downsides of Being Highly Intelligent

Surprising Downsides of Being Highly Intelligent

Being a highly intelligent person do you feel that you have a harder time than the rest of the people? That your intelligence can sometimes be a bad thing?

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds,” said Einstein once.

Having a high IQ will undeniably let you confront and do well in some dreaded tasks: to do the unthinkable and questioning everything, including supernatural things. Interestingly, numerous downsides are attached to it.

Here Are 9 Surprising Downsides of Being Highly Intelligent

1. You are more likely to suffer from depression.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” – Ernest Hemingway.

It is common that intelligent people usually suffer from loneliness, anger, and depression because of their heightened thought process and different perspectives about the world.

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2. You have a habit of over-analyzing everything.

Overthinking! It is the most difficult feature of being intelligent. They always analyze bigger problems that they can’t solve in their mind. This is the reason why they have a tendency to feel depressed.

These people have a totally different perspective than regular people. They try to run away from unsatisfactory feelings by using their imagination skills. They believe that they’ll find the infinite peace in that world and they get lost in their imagination.

3. You risk appearing/being arrogant.

You are informative. You are logical. You know what you are talking about. You can easily spot fallacies in debates and counter them effectively. Be it with your content or with your oratory, you hold the conversation or win the debate.

That’s great! Except, people don’t like it. They don’t like their beliefs to be questioned, their reasoning to be invalidated, and their choices to be proven wrong. Sure, you might be focusing on the content and enjoy intellectual stimulation, but you’d be amazed to know how quickly people get personal.

To their ears, you are just an arrogant brat trying to prove everyone stupid. (or perhaps you are trying to prove them stupid, in case of which, you are arrogant).

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4. You are automatically expected to be the best, no matter what.

People expect too much from them since they are intelligent. Intelligent people are usually overwhelmed by these expectations. You have nobody to talk to about your weaknesses and insecurities. You’re panicked about what would happen if you didn’t perform up to snuff. This makes you so cautious about your failure that you cannot sometimes afford to take risks just fearing that what would happen if you lose.

5. You are supposed to not need any kind of help.

Hey, you are smart! What else do you need in life? So what if you missed a month of classes due to illness? You are a brilliant scholar, smart enough to catch up. You don’t need my class notes. Did the boss give you the toughest client? You can manage him all by yourself, you are so smart! Too many chores at home? You are smart, you can multitask, you don’t need a hand. Problems in personal life? Why, you are so smart, you give solutions to everyone in their problems. Why would you need a shoulder?

Be it out of resentment or sheer supposition, people just take it for granted that you can do everything by yourself and never need any help, guidance, or support. (And if you can really manage with no help, you are arrogant.)

6. Jealousy surrounds you.

Smartness, as I take it, is a multifaceted virtue. It’s not just IQ, or just wit, or just rote knowledge. It’s a combination of bits of intelligence, wisdom, good soft skills, and a pleasing personality. Smartness is also problematic. People known for one, distinct forte are different from smart people, who are known for a number of things.

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