50 Deep Thoughts About Love And Loving Someone The Right Way

50 Deep Thoughts About Love And Loving Someone The Right Way

There are so many deep thoughts about love that swirl around in your mind when you are in love because you want to love them the right way.

To love and be loved allows a person to come fully alive.

“Let us go early to the vineyards to see if the vines have budded, if their blossoms have opened, and if the pomegranates are in bloom—there I will give you my love.” Song of Solomon 7:12


To love and be loved allows a person to come fully alive. Two lovers that are willing to journey to pure abandonment create a love that it beyond sensuous, it is sustaining and liberating. Often in certain circles, you hear that “love takes work.” While this is definitely true, on certain days it should be left to perform its perfect work. To be touched by someone who discerns your very essence and takes you places you’ve never gone before is life itself. Love and loving are often most passionate in the morning. It still has its clothes off. It is still naked with no clothes on. Nothing hidden, and all revealed.


I share with you a few thoughts on the complexity and consciousness of love. 

1) Love is self-acknowledgment. I AM loved because I deserve to be loved.

2) Never fear giving all when it comes to love. True love is intelligent. Your love and loving will never go unrewarded.

3) You are not merely a human being. You are a human becoming. Your love is not stagnant. It is evolving and flourishing. It is becoming.

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4) You spoke to me in a language I could clearly understand. You spoke love to me.

5) You make love to a soul. The body eventually catches up.

6) Love must first arise in the sphere of the self. If you do not appreciate yourself, rest assured no one else will.

7) You’ve brought love to my front door. I’ve come out to answer.

8) In romance, we never chase. We commune and converse. However, we never chase. That which we chase has a tendency to get away again. Chasing implies desperation and neediness and that is quite frankly a turnoff.

9) You win. You loved me the way I needed to be loved.

10) Cease the quest to place a label on love. Single, married. etc. Often love simply says I AM.

11) Love never usurps you loving yourself. If it does it is not loving. You’re being seduced.

12) Love exudes potential and possibility. Love sees the morning.

13) Love and loving will make it well with your soul.

14) I imagined you one day loving me. I’m glad I kept the faith.

15) The day you walked out the door and I didn’t say goodbye. I said Good Morning!

16) The experience of a lifetime is to love and be loved.

17) If you have to lock them down to love them, you’re not a lover, you’re a prison guard.

18) One of the greatest wonders of the world is loving you.

19) I tried to hide out but love eventually found me.

20) We took on the world together with no regrets. Love is the most satisfying.

Deep thoughts about love
Deep thoughts about love

21) I needed more than a kiss, I needed someone to kiss my soul.

22) I don’t love halfway. I love you or I don’t.

23) Dogs mate, lovers create.

24) You have no idea where my mind goes when I see you.

25) I’m still here because love is still here.

26) I danced with love and never left the party.

27) One must master loving themselves before they can fathom fully loving another.

28) A strong lover is a strong protector. You are secure in their presence.

29) We do not just love. We choose to love. No regrets. No apologies.

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