Dear Empath. Do You Feel Guilty For Taking Care Of You?

Dear Empath. Do Your Feel Guilty For Taking Care Of You

Many Empaths experience high levels of “guilt”.  Not because they have wronged someone or acted in a terrible way.  They feel guilty for wanting to meet their own desires and needs

Guilt is a draining emotion that sits at bottom of the stomach like a dead weight. Guilt doesn’t burn like anger or hurt like shame but eats away at our ability to enjoy life.

Whilst a person can experience guilt for their past mistakes and actions, this post relates to underlying guilt for living our lives in our own way and taking care of our needs and wants.

Empaths have a natural tendency to feel guilty for making their happiness, health and well-being a priority. The pressure to be everything to everyone is immense.

How often have you experienced saying yes to something out of a sense of obligation because you would experience guilt if you said no?

Do you take responsibility for the happiness, health and well-being of others whilst draining yourself in the process?

Do you struggle with the idea of living your life differently because you are afraid other people won’t agree?

Do you say yes to others when really you want to say no?

And if you do go against the grain and follow your desires, does guilt become your companion?

When you feel guilty, you assume you are in the wrong.   Yet, what if the feeling of guilt is actually a signal from your soul that you are on the right track?  What if guilt is an indicator that you need to say no to others to say yes to you? That its ok to meet your needs, wants and desires and you can’t be everything to everyone?

What if the feelings of guilt are a natural response to not wanting to do something that is asked of you?

What if this feeling isn’t really guilt at all but your desires translated into an emotion?

And what happens when you don’t listen to the feelings and go against your wishes?  You feel resentful and drained. You live your life for others.

There will always be situations where you may need to take other people into consideration such as your children or in times of real need.  It’s about discerning who you are truly responsible for.

If you change your perception of the feelings of guilt as an indicator from your inner intuition that you should take care of your needs and wants and live your life for yourself, then you free yourself from unnecessary guilt. You say yes to your wants and needs.  You live life your way.   You stop taking responsibility for other people. You thrive and enjoy life.

So, if you experience guilt for taking care of you, consider the feelings as an alarm bell ringing to let you know that you are on the right track. Listen to your body and start living life for you.

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Dear Empath. Do Your Feel Guilty For Taking Care Of You

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